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Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium - Things to Know Before Visiting

Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Flyover, Jalaram Society, Adajan Gam, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009, India


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About Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

This is an aquarium situated in the Pal area It is the first multidisciplinary underwater aquarium of its kind in the country and named after the Bengali scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose. Inaugurated on 1 March 2014 .

Attractions Near Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

Dutch Garden
Dutch Garden2.37km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

Dutch Garden is located in Nanpura and is one of the most popular tourist sites in Surat. Besides beauty, the garden has got a lot of history behind it to fascinate as well as refresh the busy city souls. The garden has been designed in a European style. The well-planned and well-maintained garden gives a wonderful recreational space to the locals as well as tourists. People use it for morning and evening walks, and to have get togethers or to enjoy a quiet time alone with oneself in the serenit

Surat Fort
Surat Fort3km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

This is a 16th-century fort in the city of Surat. Today, Surat Castle houses various government offices. Surat Castle offers clear view of the surrounding areas and River Tapti.

Sardar Patel Museum
Sardar Patel Museum3.2km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

The Sardar Patel Museum in Surat is a multipurpose museum which is located in Sonifalia. It plays host to several pieces of antiques such as that made of wood, metal, ivory, stone, sandalwood, porcelain and terracotta. Several old oil paintings, miniatures, textiles, manuscripts, and many such other items are also displayed in the exhibition organized by this museum. This is the only museum in Surat that has gained a lot importance owing to its rich collection of ancient historical items .

Dumas Beach
Dumas Beach14.05km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

This is an urban beach along the Arabian sea. one of the popular tourist destinations in south Gujarat. Dumas Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted spots in India.

Suvali Beach
Suvali Beach18.05km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

Suvali beach is a black sand beach. The sand is slippery and slips fast beneath your feet. The beach is perfect to spend quiet moments alone or with your family and friends. Come here to witness a blissful sunrise and sunset.

Dandi Beach
Dandi Beach33.07km from Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

Dandi Beach is one of the prominent beaches located in Dandi village, Gujarat and also one of the cleanest beaches in India. Dandi Beach is historically prominent as Mahatma Gandhi led the salt satyagraha from Sabarmati Ashram (Ahmedabad) to Dandi. This is the beach where Mahatma Gandhi broke the salt tax law of the British after the Salt March. There are monuments placed in the seashore as a remembrance of the Dandi march.

Where is Jagdishchandra Bose Muncipal Aquarium

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