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Crawford Dam - Things to Know Before Visiting

Crawford Reservoir, Colorado 81415, USA


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About Crawford Dam

Crawford Dam impounds water for Crawford Reservoir in Delta County, Colorado about a mile south of the town of Crawford. The earthen dam was completed in 1962 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation with a height of 162 feet and 580 feet long at its crest. It impounds Iron Creek for irrigation flood control, one element of the Smith Fork Project. The reservoir is encompassed within Crawford State Park with Park Headquarters located on a peninsula along the northeastern shore.

Attractions Near Crawford Dam

Crawford State Park
Crawford State Park0.5km from Crawford Dam

Crawford State Park is a Colorado State Park that encompasses Crawford Reservoir located about 1 mile south of the town of Crawford in Delta County, Colorado. The 760-acre park was established in 1964 on the shore of Crawford Reservoir, a 400 acres lake with boat ramps and a swimming beach. Other facilities include camp sites, picnic sites and a visitors center.

Needle Rock Natural Area
Needle Rock Natural Area6.38km from Crawford Dam

Needle Rock is an iconic landmark visible from Highway 92 near the town of Crawford. The surrounding terrain is characterized by laccolithic mountains flanked by precipitous cliffs, extensive talus aprons, forested mesas, canyons, and spacious, well-watered intermontane basins. The massive rock feature originated in the Oligocene geological epoch when magma intruded between existing sedimentary rocks as the crown of a buried laccolith or possibly the underlying conduit of a laccolith.

Saddle Mountain
Saddle Mountain7.76km from Crawford Dam

Saddle Mountain is a large, conical mountain located on the western side of the West Elk Mountains southeast of Crawford, Colorado. It has an elevation of 10,005 ft with over 3,000 ft of vertical relief above the valley below. Although it has the classic shape of an extinct volcano, Saddle Mountain is an exposed igneous intrusion that geologists call a laccolith.

Landsend Peak
Landsend Peak10.64km from Crawford Dam

Landsend Peak is a prominent wedge-shaped mountain located in the West Elk Mountains range northeast of Crawford, Colorado. The summit of Landsend Peak has an elevation of 10,806 ft rising dramatically about 4,000 ft above the valley below. Both peaks lie within the Gunnison National Forest near the physiographic boundary of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau provinces. Geologically, Landsend Peak and Mount Lamborn are exposed igneous intrusions that geologists call laccoliths.

Mount Lamborn
Mount Lamborn14.95km from Crawford Dam

Mount Lamborn is a mountain summit in the West Elk Mountains range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 11,402-foot peak is located in Gunnison National Forest, 5.9 miles southeast by south of the Town of Paonia in Delta County, Colorado, United States. The summit of Mount Lamborn is the highest point in Delta County.

Western Slope Conservation Center
Western Slope Conservation Center20.48km from Crawford Dam

The Western Slope Conservation Center is a grassroots organization located in Western Colorado. It builds an active and aware community to protect and enhance the lands, air, water and wildlife of the lower Gunnison River watershed.

Where is Crawford Dam

Discover More Attractions in Delta County, Where Crawford Dam Is Located

Delta County
Delta County
17 attractions

Delta County is a county located in the U.S. state of Colorado. Delta County is full of history and heritage that can still be seen and felt today.It is home to the Crag Crest National Recreation Trail, the Sidewinder single track trail and over 400 miles of winter trails - just to get you started and also Home to numerous species of wildlife common to Colorado.