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The Jami Masjid - Things to Know Before Visiting

GJ SH 150, Champaner, Gujarat 389360, India

Notable Architectures

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About The Jami Masjid

The Jami Masjid which is located in Champaner is part of the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is among the 114 monuments there which are listed by the Baroda Heritage Trust. The mosque dates to 1513; construction was carried out over 25 years. It is one of the most notable monuments built by Sultan Mahmud Begada.

Attractions Near The Jami Masjid

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park0.51km from The Jami Masjid

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is located in the Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India. It is located around the historical city of Champaner. The park's landscape includes archaeological, historic and living cultural heritage monuments such as chalcolithic sites, a hill fortress of an early Hindu capital, and remains of the 16th-century capital of the state of Gujarat. There are palaces, entrance gates and arches, mosques, tombs and temples, residential complexes, and more.

Kamani Masjid
Kamani Masjid1.07km from The Jami Masjid

This is also a part of the UNESCO world heritage site The Champaner _Pavagadh archaeological park. This is a beautifully built masjid that is made full of arches and it was a huge building.

Helical Stepwell
Helical Stepwell2km from The Jami Masjid

This 16th century well has a 1.2m-wide staircase that spirals down along the wall of the well shaft, making it quite unusual in design among stepwells of the region.

Saat Kaman
Saat Kaman2.09km from The Jami Masjid

This is an archaeologically important place located in the Panchmahal district. Saat Kaman is a prominent structure situated on the verge of a hill on the southern tip of Champaner (Pavagadh). Saat Kaman means seven arches. However, there are only 6 arches that are currently in existence with the other one having demolished.

pavagadh hill pavagdh
pavagadh hill pavagdh2.56km from The Jami Masjid

pavagadh hill is situated within a plain in Panchmahal district, At its base is the historical city of Champaner, while the hill station of Pavagadh was built upon the volcanic cone itself. A volcanic eruption occurred here approximately 500 million years ago and the etymology of its name is associated with the eruption . There are temples and several viewpoints in the hill.

Mahakali Mandir
Mahakali Mandir3.34km from The Jami Masjid

Mahakali Mandir is a Hindu goddess temple complex and pilgrim centre at the summit of Pavagadh Hill in Panchmahal district, India, with in the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park. it dates from the 10th or 11th centuries. The temple is the site of one of the Great holy Shakti Peethas. One can reach easily to temple by ropeway.

Where is The Jami Masjid

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The district is located on the eastern end of the state. It is bordered by Dahod District to the north-east & east, Vadodara District to the southwest and Chhota Udaipur District to the southeast, Kheda District to the west and Mahi Sagar District to the north.