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Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Khara Beraja, Gujarat 361009, India

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About Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Bedi Port lies around 8 km from Jamnagar Railway Station on the south-eastern coast of Gulf of Kutch. It is an all-weather trading hub in the Arabian Sea and one of the most prominent ones in Jamnagar. The picturesque setting of the port has made it a very popular daytrip spot in Jamnagar. The region of Jamnagar is known for its magnificent (resident or migratory) avian population. Winter is the best time to enjoy the climate and the brilliant birds which come here in plenty.

Attractions Near Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Lakhota Palace and Museum
Lakhota Palace and Museum6.99km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Lakhota Palace, a pleasing palace in the middle of the lake, houses a beautiful repository called Lakhota Museum. Rulers of Nawangar constructed the Lakhota Palace and today it is an important attraction of Jamnagar. The museum showcases the artefacts that belong to the 18th and 19th century including items like a skeleton of a whale, swords, powder flasks, possessions of Jadeja Rajputs, and remnants of Gujarat rulers. Also, there are artefacts describing the life of people around this region.

Pirotan Island
Pirotan Island12.06km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Purotan island is an Arabian Sea island in the Marine National Park, Jamnagar District. It is located 12 nautical miles off the coast , consists of mangroves and low-tide beaches. Of the 42 islands in the park, Pirotan Island is the most popular and is one of the two islands where visitors are normally permitted.

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary
Khijadia Bird Sanctuary12.85km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, home to a number of resident and migratory birds, is located in an area stretching up to 6.05 km. A birdwatchers paradise, it was officially declared as a sanctuary in May 1981. Construction of reclamation bunds, before Indian Independence, has led to the formation of two fresh water lakes. The bunds helped to prevent seepage of salty water into the soil and to store freshwater drained by Ruparel and Kalindri Rivers.

Ranjit Sagar Dam Jamnagar
Ranjit Sagar Dam Jamnagar17.88km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

Ranjitsagar Dam is the water source for the city. It has a municipal garden, a pleasant spot for picnics and birdwatching during the migratory season.

Shri Bhadreshwar Mahavirswami Sw. Jain Tirth
Shri Bhadreshwar Mahavirswami Sw. Jain Tirth45.87km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

The Vasai Jain temple at Bhadreshwar was an important and thriving center for Jainism in those days. It was a very popular pilgrimage site among the Jain devotees in the 12th and 13th centuries. In the 17th century it fell to the pillages of marauding invaders and nearly destroyed. This temple is considered to be the oldest of the Jain temples in the Indian subcontinent. Even though it had been destroyed many times over the centuries, by both human hands and natural disasters such as earthquakes

Gandhi Samadhi Adipur
Gandhi Samadhi Adipur61.81km from Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

This is a beautiful and peaceful place located in the district of Kutch where Mahatma Gandhi is resting in peace. Where Gandhi's ashes are kept. There is a beautiful garden created around the samadhi.

Where is Bedi Port (બેડી બંદર)

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Jamnagar was founded by in 1540 A.D. as the capital of the Princely State of Nawanagar. Jamnagar, historically known as Nawanagar (the new town), was one of the most important princely states of the Jadeja’s in the region of Saurashtra. According to Pauranik literature, Lord Krishna established his kingdom at Dwarka town in Jamnagar district, after migrating from Mathura and accordingly, it is to the Yadava race that the Jams of Nawanagar trace their ancestry.