Harshad Mata Temple in Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gujarat, India - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Harshad Mata Temple

kumbhar Wada Una ગુજરાત 362560 Republic of, Saiyed Wada, Una, Gujarat 362560, India

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About Harshad Mata Temple

Harsidhdhi Temple, at the Border of Halar and Sorath, is the temple of Shri Lord Krishna’s as well as king Vikramaditya’s kuldevi.  Harsidhdhi Temple is located at the sea coast of Halar, Gandhavi Village and coastline of Medhakhadi. Located upon Koyla Dungar, the Harsidhdhi temple is from Chalukaya Kal. Aarti is extremely extraordinary.

Attractions near Harshad Mata Temple

Diu Fort12.72km from Harshad Mata Temple

Diu fort is a Portuguese-built fortification located on the west coast of India in Diu. The fortress was built as part of Portuguese India's defensive fortifications at the eastern tip of the island of Diu during the 16th century. The fortress, which borders on the town of Diu, was built in 1535 subsequent to a defense alliance forged by Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese when Humayun, the Mughal Emperor attempted to annex this territory.

Diu Museum12.95km from Harshad Mata Temple

A famous tourist spot of the town, the Diu Museum has been set up in the St. Thomas Church. The church had been built in 1598 but was later converted into a museum. The building still bears the worn out and faded portraits and paintings left behind by the Portuguese. A beautiful garden path leads up to Diu Museum, with lovely fountains by its side. The evenings transform the place into a delightful sight with multicolored lights attractively brightening up the edifice.

Saint Paul's Church12.95km from Harshad Mata Temple

Diu St Paul’s Church is said to be the only active church in the region till date. It boasts of intricate volutes and shell that form an impressive motif. Its richly done wood carving which has earned a special recognition among the most elaborate Portuguese churches is the real feast for eyes. On a close look at this church you will find that it has resemblance with Bom Jesus Church at Goa on the virtue of architectural patterns.

Zampa gateway13.53km from Harshad Mata Temple

This is the most visited place among the other Tourist Attractions in Diu. This is a majestic monument that enthralls the guests with its charisma. The history of the Zampa Gateway in Diu takes us into the medieval period. This gateway has immense historical significance and holds an important place among the major sites of tourist attraction.

Jalandhar Beach13.78km from Harshad Mata Temple

The Jallandhar Beach in Diu is exceptionally beautiful and quiet. Lazing around the beach or playing with the cool waters is one of the favorite things to do during your tour to Diu. In this beach, various water sports facilities are available. It is completely safe for swimming. Several trees whisper and sway in the intoxicating sea breeze all day long giving you all the reason to smile during your laidback holiday.

INS Khukri Memorial14.8km from Harshad Mata Temple

INS Khukri was a British Type 14  frigate of the Indian Navy. She was sunk off the coast of Diu, Gujarat, India by the Pakistan Navy Daphné-class submarine Hangor on 9 December 1971 during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. This was the first warship sunk in action by a submarine since the Korean War. It remains the post-Independence Indian navy's only warship to be lost in war to date.

Where is Harshad Mata Temple

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This is a distict in the state of Gujarat. This district was created by dividing Jamnagar district into two.