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Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi) - Things to Know Before Visiting

Beyt Dwarka, Gujarat 361345, India

Hindu Temples

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About Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

This is a Hanuman temple located at the district of Devbhoomi Dwaraka. there is a statue of Hanuman's son Makardhwaj in front, while a statue of Hanuman is also installed nearby. The specialty of these two idols is that they do not have any weapon in their hands and are in blissful posture. This is a famous temple of this area and so many devotees and visitors visit this temple every day.

Attractions Near Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

Shri Shiv Jyotirling Shri Nageshwar Temple, Dwaraka
Shri Shiv Jyotirling Shri Nageshwar Temple, Dwaraka15.66km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

Shri Shiv Jyotirling Shri Nageshwar Temple, Dwaraka is one of the temples mentioned in the Shiva Purana and is one of the twelve Jyothirlingas . this temple has a lot of history to say . Every day a lot of people come here to visiti this place.

Rukmani Devi Temple રુક્મિણી દેવી મંદિર
Rukmani Devi Temple રુક્મિણી દેવી મંદિર29.5km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

It is dedicated to Rukmini, Krishna’s chief queen. The temple is said to be 2,500 years old but in its present form it is inferred to belong to the 12th century. It is a richly carved temple decorated with sculptures of gods and goddesses on the exterior with the sanctum housing the main image of Rukmini.

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple
Shree Dwarkadhish Temple31.1km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

also known as the Jagat Mandir and occasionally spelled Dwarakadheesh, is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna, who is worshiped here by the name Dwarkadhish, or 'King of Dwarka'.The main shrine of the five-storied building, supported by 72 pillars, is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir, archaeological findings suggest it to be 2,000 - 2,200 years old.

Vijay Vilas Palace
Vijay Vilas Palace43.33km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

This 20th-century summer palace was commissioned by Maharao Shri Khengarji III for his son Yuvraj Shri Vijayaraji, Made of red sandstones, the palace features every element of Rajput architecture and bears a striking resemblance to palaces of Orchha and Datia. Artisans from various parts of India, such as Rajasthan, Bengal and Saurashtra along with the Mistris and Suthars of Kutch were called upon for making of the palace.

Mandvi Beach
Mandvi Beach44.56km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

Mandvi Beach is the closest to the town center, across the bridge to the east side of the river, then down the road past a place called Salaya, accessed from just near the Kashi-Vishvanath Temple (sometimes the beach is called Kashi-Vishvanath Beach.) Wind Farm Beach is 7 km west of town, named for the windmills that line it to generate electricity for the area. You can get fresh coconuts and other snacks, swim in very pleasant water, and enjoy a nice view of the coastline.

Roha Fort
Roha Fort82.4km from Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

Roha fort is situated on the hillock of the same name, 50 km from Bhuj. It’s height is 500 feet from the ground level and 800 feet from the sea level. Roha was the leading Jagir of Kutch state and there were 52 villages under this Jagir. Rao Khengarji I (1510-1585) established Kutch and became a ruler of Kutch. His brother Sahebji set up Roha village and died after a battle with Raysinhji Zala of Halvad. After his death his successor Jiyaji built two big tanks on the Roha Hill.

Where is Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi)

Discover More Attractions in Devbhoomi Dwarka, Where Makardhwaj Hanuman Temple (Hanuman Dandi) Is Located

Devbhoomi Dwarka
Devbhoomi Dwarka
7 attractions

This is a distict in the state of Gujarat. This district was created by dividing Jamnagar district into two.