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Eureka Valley - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Eureka Valley, California, USA

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About Eureka Valley

A beautiful valley located in the eastern California in the southwestern United States. It is a graben, like most other lower-lying areas of the Basin and Range Province. The valley has two distinguishing features. Its shape alters the wind in such a way as to collect sand near its southern end, leading to the unique Eureka Dunes. Just to the east of the dunes, the Last Chance Range climbs over 3500 feet (1070 m) as near-vertical cliffs, displaying colorful rock strata.

Attractions Near Eureka Valley

Eureka Dunes
Eureka Dunes16.47km from Eureka Valley

The Eureka Dunes lie in the remote Eureka Valley, an enclosed basin at 3000 foot elevation located northwest of Death Valley. it is the most stunning dune field of the five in DEath valley national park and they are the tallest in California. it is quiet difficult to climb and also dangerous in the hot months. As tall as these dunes are, they are dwarfed by the impressive limestone wall of the Last Chance Mountains which rises another 4000 feet above the valley floor.

Ubehebe Craters
Ubehebe Craters36.71km from Eureka Valley

A volcanic field in northern Death Valley, consisting of 14-16 craters in a 3-square-kilometre (1.2 sq mi) area. The Ubehebe Craters are associated with a fault system that runs across them, all formed in a single phreatomagmatic eruption episode about 2,100 years ago.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest40.82km from Eureka Valley

The Methuselah Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is the location of the "Methuselah", a Great Basin bristlecone pine that is 4,851 years old. It is considered to be the world's oldest known and confirmed living non-clonal organism. The Methuselah Grove trail includes the side valley of the Methuselah Grove where the oldest tree lives

Scotty's Castle
Scotty's Castle43.11km from Eureka Valley

Scotty's Castle is a two-story Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival style villa located in the Grapevine Mountains of northern Death Valley in Death Valley National Park, California, US.The Johnsons' original furnishings and clothing can still be seen today. The National Park Service gives guided tours of Scotty's Castle for a fee.An underground mystery tour is also available for those wishing to see the inner workings of the building.

Big Pine Creek
Big Pine Creek51.55km from Eureka Valley

Big Pine Creek is a 12.1-mile-long stream in Inyo County of eastern California, in the western United States. It flows from the eastern Sierra Nevada down to the Owens Valley, where it is a major tributary of the Owens River near Big Pine. The canal provides water to the Big Pine area for irrigation, recreation and groundwater recharge. There are no storage dams or reservoirs.

Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site
Laws Railroad Museum & Historical Site55.17km from Eureka Valley

The Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site includes static displays of a train consisting of an oil-fired steam locomotive, Southern Pacific 9, and several freight cars from the Southern Pacific Railroad's 3 ft narrow gauge lines. There are also operating locomotives that run on the narrow gauge tracks in the museum's grounds. The museum's display explains that the railroad was relied on by many Eastern Sierra communities before modern roads were built during the 1950s and 1960s.

Where is Eureka Valley

Discover More Attractions in Inyo County, Where Eureka Valley Is Located

Inyo County
Inyo County
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Almost one-half of Inyo Country is within Death Valley National Park. With a population density of 1.8 people per square mile, it also has the second-lowest population density in California, after Alpine County.