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Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Littlefield, AZ 86432, USA

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About Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

This remote 37,030-acre wilderness is a 12-mile long stretch of the Grand Wash Cliffs. It encompasses escarpments, canyons, and sandstone buttes that make up the transition zone between the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range Province. Vegetation includes an assortment of Mojave Desert shrubs below the cliffs as well as a pinyon-juniper woodland above. Wildlife in the area include gila monsters, desert tortoise, and desert bighorn sheep.

Attractions Near Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument
Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument19.29km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

Parashant National Monument is a rugged and wild land. The vast, wild landscape of desert cactus, sheer canyon walls, soaring raptors, tall ponderosa pines, isolated cattle corrals and line shacks, lone cowboys, and rugged rock formations set against endless blue skies inspire those who seek it out. There are a number of ruins of former Mormon settlements in the area, such as the Oak Grove Dairy.

Paiute Wilderness
Paiute Wilderness39.54km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

The 87,900 acres of the Paiute Wilderness are in extreme northwest Arizona, surrounding the Virgin Mountains. The wilderness is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The southern section of the wilderness lies within Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, and is also managed by the BLM. Directly to the north, separated by Interstate Highway 15, lies the Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness.

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Grand Canyon Skywalk49.01km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

Grand Canyon Skywalk is an observation deck, free cantilever girder bridge and steel bridge that was completed in 2007.The deck of the Skywalk has been made with four layers of Saint-Gobain Diamant low iron glass with DuPont SentryGlas interlayer. Deck width is 10 feet 2 inches. It is immediately north of Grand Canyon West Airport and about 120-mile east of Las Vegas, NV. The skywalk is east of Meadview, AZ. Kingman, AZ is the closest city with more than 10,000 population.

Mount Logan Wilderness
Mount Logan Wilderness53.95km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

Mt. Logan Wilderness is located in a very remote, rugged portion of the Arizona Strip, that portion of Arizona north of the Grand Canyon. It includes basalt ledges, cinder cones, ponderosa pine forests, pinyon-juniper woodlands, and a large, colorful, naturally eroded amphitheater known as Hells Hole. Hiking, camping, scenic vistas, watching wildlife and hunting are some of the prime recreational opportunities found in this wilderness.

Grand Wash Cliffs
Grand Wash Cliffs54.68km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

The Grand Wash Cliffs extend south-southeast from the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument in northwest Arizona west of the Shivwits Plateau south through the Grand Cliffs Wilderness and into the Lake Mead Recreation Area. The Grand Wash Cliffs cross the Grand Canyon where the Colorado River enters Lake Mead. To the south of the Grand Canyon the Grand Wash Cliffs continue past the east side of Grapevine Mesa and then southeast above and east of the Hualapai Valley.

Grapevine Mesa
Grapevine Mesa58.78km from Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

The Grapevine Mesa Joshua Trees forest was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1967. 3,206 acres owned by the Federal government, the forest contains the best existing display of Joshua trees in the United States. This site is also a superb example Mojave Desert ecology.

Where is Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness

Discover More Attractions in Mohave County, Where Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness Is Located

Mohave County
Mohave County
57 attractions

Mohave County is in the northwestern corner of the U.S. state of Arizona. It contains parts of Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area and all of the Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument. The Kaibab, Fort Mojave and Hualapai Indian Reservations also lie within the county.