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McMullen Valley - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

McMullen Valley, Arizona 85348, USA

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About McMullen Valley

The McMullen Valley is the southeast border of the range, and is traversed by U.S. Route 60. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also there are so many things to do.

Attractions Near McMullen Valley

Little Harquahala Mountains
Little Harquahala Mountains5.11km from McMullen Valley

The Little Harquahala Mountains are a small, arid, low-elevation mountain range of western-central Arizona, in the southeast of La Paz County.The region is in the Basin and Range and three mountain ranges are in a parallel, northwest-by-southeast-trending thrust belt, with two intervening valleys. The Little Harquahala Range borders the second valley and third mountain range, the McMullen Valley and Harquahala Mountains, on their southwest borders.

Harquahala Mountain
Harquahala Mountain27.05km from McMullen Valley

The 22,880-acre Harquahala Mountains Wilderness lies in Maricopa and La Paz counties, 80 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. It contains part of one of western Arizona's largest desert mountain ranges. The 5,691-foot- high Harquahala Peak, the highest point in southwest Arizona, provides a breathtaking panorama of surrounding desert and distant mountain ranges. Hikers, backpackers, wildlife observers and photographers will find many recreation opportunities here.

Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness
Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness35.73km from McMullen Valley

The 25,050-acre Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness is located about 82 miles northwest of Phoenix. A lot of Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness is prime real estate for desert bighorn sheep, mountain lion, bobcat, mule deer, Gila monster and desert tortoise, but there's also a 3,500-acre island of cut-off interior chaparral habitat on the north side of that upper ridge.

New Water Mountains Wilderness
New Water Mountains Wilderness35.86km from McMullen Valley

The New Water Mountains is a mountain range in southwestern Arizona. The range is on the northern border of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge as well as the northern Kofa Mountains. Featuring towering canyons, sparse vegetation, and a large volcanic butte, New Water Mountains Wilderness is the place to be for RV lovers in Arizona who are seeking solitude.The terrain inside New Water Mountains Wilderness is mostly that seen in Sonoran Desert areas.

Courthouse Rock
Courthouse Rock38.26km from McMullen Valley

The Eagletail Mountains are a rugged and remote range in Central Arizona between Phoenix and Quartzite. The range is named for its’ highest mountain, the technical Eagletail Peak with twin summit spires looking like a pair of namesake Eagle Feathers. The infrequently visited range and wilderness area has a few other technical summits, with the most popular by far being Courthouse Rock.

Eagletail Mountains Wilderness
Eagletail Mountains Wilderness41.57km from McMullen Valley

Eagletail Mountains Wilderness is about 65 mi west of Phoenix with an area of 100,600-acre. The wilderness is of moderate size, with the Eagletail Mountains forming its northeast perimeter, and the much shorter Cemetery Ridge section, forming its southwest border. It covers nearly all of the Eagletail Mountains and the plains on its southwest. A good trekking destination and also there are so many challenging routes too.

Where is McMullen Valley

Discover More Attractions in La Paz County, Where McMullen Valley Is Located

La Paz County
La Paz County
32 attractions

La Paz County is the 15th county in the U.S. state of Arizona, located in the western part of the state. La Paz County offers residents and visitors a combination of water and desert recreational activities. In the Parker area, water recreation is king. The 16.5 mile stretch of the Colorado River in the county, known as the Parker Strip, offers some of the best water for skiing, boating, jet skiing, wave-running, and swimming, as well as excellent fishing in the western United States. Desert rat