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20 Attractions to Explore Near Coronado Cave Trail

Coronado Cave Trail
Coronado Cave TrailHereford, AZ 85615, USA

The Cave Trail climbs 400 feet over half a mile to the entrance of a 600 foot-long limestone cavern, overlooking a minor ravine on the south side of Montezuma Peak, part of an area that was added to Coronado National Memorial after a boundary expansion in 1978. The cave interior extends 600 feet in length, with 20 foot high ceilings. Those planning to explore the limestone cave should bring at least two sources of light per person.

Nearby Attractions

Coronado National Memorial
Coronado National Memorial0.39 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Coronado National Memorial commemorates the first organized expedition into the Southwest by conquistador Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in 1540. The memorial is located in a natural setting on the Mexico–United States border on the southeast flank of the Huachuca Mountains south of Sierra Vista, Arizona and is bordered to the north and west by Coronado National Forest. Within the memorial is an overlook at Montezuma Pass where the Coronado expedition entered modern Arizona.

Coronado Cave
Coronado Cave0.63 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Coronado cave is one of the few open, undeveloped caves in southern Arizona. The cave is a large cavern 600 feet long and in most places about 70 feet wide.The cave is located ~ .25 mile west of the visitor center on the north side of the road is the parking area for the trail. It became part of Coronado National Memorial in 1978, when the park expanded its boundaries. The cave may have been used by humans as a shelter and hideout by middle archaic people.

Montezuma Pass
Montezuma Pass2.64 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Montezuma Pass is within Coronado National Memorial. This site provides views of the San Raphael Valley to the west, the San Pedro Valley to the east, and Mexico to the south. Exhibit panels at the pass provide information about the Coronado Expedition, the flora and fauna of Sky Island habitats, and visible geography. It is also the trailhead for the southern terminus of the great Arizona Trail.

Coronado Peak Trail
Coronado Peak Trail2.66 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Coronado Peak is a great trail if you want to take in sweeping views of the US and Mexico in this part of Arizona. It's not much of a hike to get to the top, but it is popular, and many people who come to the area when visiting the Coronado National Memorial and who bother to drive the steep road to Montezuma Pass will probably hike this peak. The trail is good, has benches and informative signs, and the views are excellent.

Miller Peak
Miller Peak6.21 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Miller Peak is a spectacular landmark mountain located in far-south Arizona near the town of Sierra Vista and the Fort Huachuca Military Base. It is the highest mountain in the Huachuca mountain range and a popular local hiking destination. The Miller Peak Wilderness encompasses 20,190 acres and is managed by the Coronado National Forest.

Carr Peak
Carr Peak8.72 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Carr Peak is the second highest peak in the Huachuca Mountains of southeast Arizona. Carr Peak is easily recognizable as the prominent double-humped mountain due south of Sierra Vista. The area is well known among birders because of the variety of hummingbird species seen in the area as well as the dozens of southwestern specialties such as Apache pine, Chihuahua pine, ridge-nosed rattlesnake, lesser long-nosed bat and elegant trogon.

Miller Peak Wilderness
Miller Peak Wilderness9.93 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Miller Peak Wilderness lies between the city of Sierra Vista and the Mexican border in the southern half of the Huachuca Mountains.More than 170 species of birds have been spotted here, including 14 kinds of hummingbirds. More than 60 species of reptiles and 78 species of mammals inhabit the area. It encompasses around 20,190 acres and is managed by the Coronado National Forest.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve-Nature Conservancy
Ramsey Canyon Preserve-Nature Conservancy12.28 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Ramsey Canyon Preserve offers guided walks from March through November on an easy, shady trail. Guides share the lively natural and cultural history of the canyon, and explain why the canyon is rich in wildlife. You’ll likely spot a few deer, hummingbirds, reptiles, and insects.

Bureau of Land Management San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area Administrative Office

The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area contains almost 57,000 acres of public land in Cochise County, Arizona, between the international border and St. David, Arizona. The primary purpose for the special designation is to protect and enhance the desert riparian ecosystem, a rare remnant of what was once an extensive network of similar riparian systems throughout the American Southwest.

Brown Canyon Ranch
Brown Canyon Ranch14.74 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Brown Canyon Ranch is a historic ranch located in the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains, near Sierra Vista, Arizona.First permanently occupied around 1800, the ranch was acquired by the U.S. Forest Service as part of a 1998 land swap to become part of the Coronado National Forest.

Lehner Mammoth Kill Site
Lehner Mammoth Kill Site16.00 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site is a location in southern Arizona that is significant for its association with evidence that mammoths were killed here by Paleo-Indians 9000 years BCE. In 1952, Ed Lehner discovered extinct mammoth bone fragments on his ranch, at the locality now known as the Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site.

Parker Canyon Lake
Parker Canyon Lake20.77 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

A beautiful lake located in the southeastern Arizona. The lake is a reservoir formed by a dam in Parker Canyon in the south end of the Canelo Hills in southwestern Cochise County. Parker Canyon is a tributary to the Santa Cruz River in the San Rafael Valley. The facilities are maintained by Coronado National Forest division of the USDA Forest Service.

Sunnyside Canyon trail
Sunnyside Canyon trail22.22 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Sunnyside Canyon is a 2 mile moderately popular blue singletrack trail located near Sierra Vista Arizona. This multi-use trail can be used both directions. On average it takes 15 minutes to complete this trail.

Veteran's Memorial Park
Veteran's Memorial Park23.45 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

A beautiful riverfront park in Bullhead City is the setting for the Arizona Veterans Memorial, dedicated in the memory of more than 3,000 military men and women from the State of Arizona who were killed during wars and armed conflicts over the past 100 years. The largest portion of the memorial overlooks the Colorado River and contains a line of giant flagpoles paralleling a curved wall standing nine feet high and 40 feet wide.

Murray Springs Clovis Site
Murray Springs Clovis Site26.08 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Murray Springs is located in southern Arizona near the San Pedro River and once served as a Clovis hunting camp approximately 9000 years BCE. The site is unique for the massive quantity of large megafauna processing and extensive tool making. Archaeologists identified five buried animal kills and processing locations and a Clovis camp location. The site is located in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

Mount Ballard
Mount Ballard30.36 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

Mount Ballard, is located in Cochise County, Arizona. The mountain is less than 5 miles from Bisbee, Arizona and is the highest mountain in the Mule mountain range. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also there are so many things to see and do.

Mule Pass Tunnel
Mule Pass Tunnel32.51 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Mule Pass tunnel, Believed to be the longest tunnel in Arizona. Locals call it "The Time Tunnel". Mule Pass Tunnel created a new gateway into Bisbee. It also cut 10 minutes off the drive over the 6,030-foot-high pass on US 80 into the southeastern Arizona mining town. The road is now known as State Route 80, and the Highway Department is now the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum34.32 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum is dedicated to preserving and communicating the history of Bisbee, Arizona. This Museum takes you and your family back in time to the days of the Arizona Territory, telling the story of a copper-mining town’s role in the industrialization of America, a history of your grandparents’ generation.

San Rafael State Natural Area
San Rafael State Natural Area34.41 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

This is a high intermontane grass valley in eastern Santa Cruz, and it is bounded to the west by the Patagonia Mountains. This beautiful valley is the headwaters of the Santa Cruz River, which flows into Mexico then turns north back into the United States and eventually joins the Gila River. The riparian areas and native grass prairie are home to many species of plants and animals.

Queen Mine Tour
Queen Mine Tour34.43 KMs away from Coronado Cave Trail

The Copper Queen Mine was a copper mine in Cochise County, Arizona, United States. Its development led to the growth of the surrounding town of Bisbee in the 1880s. Its orebody ran 23% copper, an extraordinarily high grade. It has seven levels with 143 miles of passageways. The Mine has natural ventilation due to the many shafts and drifts. The average temperature is 47 degrees, so visitors are advised to bring a warm sweater or jacket.