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Becker Lake - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Becker Lake, Springerville, AZ 85938, USA

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About Becker Lake

Becker Lake is a 35 acre lake located in Calumet County. It has a maximum depth of 52.5 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing. The lake is stocked with sub-catchable rainbow trout twice a year and many of these fish survive the winter, reaching a good size the following spring. The lake has a boat ramp, dirt parking and barrier-free restroom. The Department has developed two hiking trails through the Wildlife Area.

Attractions Near Becker Lake

Casa Malpais Archaeological Park & Museum

Casa Malpaís is an archaeological site of the Ancestral Puebloans located near the town of Springerville, Arizona. The site is a nationally recognized archaeological site. The site features an ancient staircase, a Great Kiva, a solar calendar, and rock art. The museum features an introductory video with commentary by Zuni and Hopi elders and an interactive guide to artifacts from the site.

Mexican Hay Lake
Mexican Hay Lake14.24km from Becker Lake

Mexican Hay Lake is located off State Route 260 southwest of Springerville in the White Mountains. IT is an iconic location for a daytrip and also there are various options for leisure too.

Nelson Reservoir
Nelson Reservoir15.05km from Becker Lake

Nelson Reservoir is a reservoir located in Apache County, Arizona between Springerville and Alpine. The Reservoir is a long and narrow lake which follows the Nutrioso Creek Valley for nearly a mile. Fish that remain in Nelson Reservoir after summer stockings can grow to good size, making it a popular fishing site with local anglers.

River Reservoir
River Reservoir17.9km from Becker Lake

River Reservoir is the largest and deepest of a trio of lakes collectively known as the Greer Lakes. Drained since 2004 because of safety issues, the dam at River Reservoir was repaired in 2005. Like the other two Greer Lakes, it has new amenities. The Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks River Reservoir with fingerling rainbow trout in the spring and catchable-sized rainbow trout in the spring and summer.

Greer Lakes
Greer Lakes18.16km from Becker Lake

Greer Lakes is a fishing and scenic destination in Arizona. It is an iconic destination for a day trip and also there are so many things to see and feel and also fishing is possible here. There are paths in and around the lakes that would appeal to day hikers, photographers, and mountain bikers.

Tunnel Reservoir
Tunnel Reservoir18.62km from Becker Lake

Tunnel Reservoir is an artificial lake and recreational area located in the White Mountains around the town of Greer, Arizona. This reservoir is one of three lakes known as the Greer Lakes. The Greer Lakes include Bunch, Tunnel and River Reservoirs, and are a short distance apart from each other. The boating facility offers a boat launching area, boat trailer parking, restrooms, and space for recreational vehicles.

Where is Becker Lake

Discover More Attractions in Apache County, Where Becker Lake Is Located

Apache County
Apache County
57 attractions

Apache County is located in the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Arizona. Most of the county is occupied by part of the federally recognized Navajo Nation and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, respectively. It also contains part of Petrified Forest National Park. Canyon de Chelly National Monument is entirely within the county and within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation.