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Crystal Forest - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Crystal Forest, Arizona 86028, USA


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About Crystal Forest

The Crystal Forest is a site in Apache County , Arizona , featuring a large concentration of petrified wood . It is protected within the Petrified Forest National Park. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and is attracted by many tourists.

Attractions Near Crystal Forest

Jasper Forest
Jasper Forest3.21km from Crystal Forest

Jasper Forest was originally called First Forest as it was the first large accumulation of petrified wood reached from Adamana. The petrified log segments continue to erode from the 216-million-year-old Jasper Forest bed, which caps the exposures in the area, including Blue Mesa, Agate Bridge, and Crystal Forest. The forest was originally accessible by vehicle and the old road constructed by the CCC in the early 1930s still exists.

Blue Mesa
Blue Mesa8.22km from Crystal Forest

Blue Mesa is a significant landform located on a spur road halfway through Petrified Forest National Park. The trailhead for Blue Mesa Trail is located halfway around the loop road at a sunshelter. The mesa consists of the Blue Mesa and Sonsela Members with petrified wood deposits. Spectacular views of blue, purple, gray, and peach banded badlands.

Long Logs Trail
Long Logs Trail9.03km from Crystal Forest

Long Logs Trail in Petrified Forest National Park has a few cool things to see. The first is a bunch of long petrified logs. It is one of the greatest concentrations of in-tact petrified logs in the Park. Trees over 100' long were stripped of their branches by ancient rivers and eventually came together within this vicinity.

Rainbow Forest Museum
Rainbow Forest Museum9.33km from Crystal Forest
Agate House
Agate House9.78km from Crystal Forest

Agate House is a partially reconstructed Puebloan building in Petrified Forest National Park, built almost entirely of petrified wood. The eight-room pueblo has been dated to approximately the year 900 and occupied through 1200, of the Pueblo II and Pueblo III periods. The agatized wood was laid in a clay mortar, in lieu of the more usual sandstone-and-mortar masonry of the area.

Puerco Pueblo
Puerco Pueblo12.05km from Crystal Forest

Puerco Ruin and Petroglyphs are the ruins of a large Indian pueblo, which reached its peak around 1300 CE, containing over 100 rooms. It is the largest known archeological site within the Petrified Forest National Park.The site contains over 800 petroglyphs, incised on more than 100 boulders.

Where is Crystal Forest

Discover More Attractions in Apache County, Where Crystal Forest Is Located

Apache County
Apache County
57 attractions

Apache County is located in the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Arizona. Most of the county is occupied by part of the federally recognized Navajo Nation and the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, respectively. It also contains part of Petrified Forest National Park. Canyon de Chelly National Monument is entirely within the county and within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation.