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Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

350 Picacho Rd, Winterhaven, CA 92283, USA


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About Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

A Catholic mission in Winterhaven, California. It was dedicated in 1923, and its design replicates the Mission Puerto de Purísima Concepción, which once stood on the site. One of the main pilgrimage sites in this area and also it is attracts by tourists also.

Attractions Near Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge
Ocean to Ocean Highway Bridge0.23km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

The Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge is a through truss bridge spanning the Colorado River in Yuma, Arizona. Built in 1915, it was the first highway crossing of the lower Colorado and is the earliest example of a through truss bridge in Arizona. It is also the only example of a Pennsylvania truss within ArizonaThe bridge became part of Historic US 80 in 2018.

Yuma Territorial Prison Park
Yuma Territorial Prison Park0.42km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

Yuma Territorial Prison is a former prison located in Yuma, Arizona, United States. More than 3,000 desperadoes, convicted of crimes ranging from polygamy to murder, were imprisoned in rock and adobe cells here during 1876 and 1909. The cells, main gate, and guard tower are still standing, providing visitors with a glimpse of convict life in the Southwest a century ago.

East Wetlands Park
East Wetlands Park0.44km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

The Yuma East Wetlands consists of nearly 500 acres of wetlands owned by the City of Yuma, the Quechan Indian Tribe, and Arizona Game and Fish Department.Located in the Yuma Desert in Arizona, YCNHA contains over 1,500 acres of previous freshwater wetlands along the Colorado River. It is considered a model for wetlands restoration in the desert Southwest and is led by a partnership between the Heritage Area, Quechan Indian Tribe, City of Yuma, and Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Paradise Casino
Paradise Casino0.46km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

A small tribal casino located in the city of yuma. It is owned and operated by the Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation. It is one of the iconic attraction here and it welcomes all the peoples.

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area
Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area0.8km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is a cultural crossroads offering visitors a diverse and intriguing history. It boasts two state historic parks, one National Historic Landmark—Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites—two new riverfront parks connected by a multi-use path, 400 acres of restored wetlands, and an interpretive plaza that tells the many stories of the Yuma Crossing.

Yuma Armed Forces Park
Yuma Armed Forces Park0.83km from Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

This is the only park of its kind located at the site of the old Yuma railroad depot. It has been designed to honor ALL military veterans, living and deceased, no matter which branch of service. To be honored with a plaque, a person needs only to have served in one of the military branches, whether two years ago or 50.

Where is Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission

Discover More Attractions in Yuma County, Where Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission Is Located

Yuma County
Yuma County
18 attractions

Yuma County has a colorful history, which lives on today in a fast-growing, vibrant community. Major attractions in Yuma County are the historical Territorial Prison, the Yuma Crossing Historic Park.