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Museum Vreeswijk - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Wierselaan 113, 3433 ZS Nieuwegein, Netherlands


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About Museum Vreeswijk

Museumwerf Vreeswijk is the continuation of the former Shipyard Buitenweg in the former independent village of Vreeswijk , in the current municipality of Nieuwegein in the province of Utrecht . The museum's "working yard" focuses on the restoration, repair and maintenance of old barges. The museum has an interior section where the history of the shipyard and inland shipping is displayed and where an impression of inland navigation life is given.

Attractions Near Museum Vreeswijk

Stedelijk Museum Vianen
Stedelijk Museum Vianen1.74km from Museum Vreeswijk

The Stedelijk Museum is housed in a Roman Catholic clandestine church dating from the 17th century . The church functioned as a secret church for about 150 years. Today the hidden church is a monumental building. The collection of the museum is owned by the municipality and not by the museum itself, small art meetings are often held in the upper room. The Tourist Information Agency is housed in the Stedelijk Museum.

Museum Warsenhoeck
Museum Warsenhoeck1.92km from Museum Vreeswijk

Museum Warsenhoeck has been located in the Geinoord 11 farm in Nieuwegein since 1990 . The museum is managed and operated by the Nieuwegein Historical Circle. The museum is dedicated to the cultural history of Nieuwegein, the former municipalities of Jutphaas , Vreeswijk and the medieval city of Geyne.

Gerbrandy Tower
Gerbrandy Tower3.1km from Museum Vreeswijk

The Gerbrandy Tower is a tower which was built in 1961used for directional radio services and for FM and TV broadcasting. It is named after Peter Gerbrandy, prime minister of the Netherlands. It is the tallest broadcasting tower in the Netherlands. More impressive, though, is what the tower becomes during the holiday season. Every year around Christmas, workers turn this 366.8-meter-tall tower into the world’s tallest Christmas tree.

Sluis- en stuwcomplex Hagestein
Sluis- en stuwcomplex Hagestein3.14km from Museum Vreeswijk

The Hagestein weir and lock complex is located in the Lek near the village of Hagestein in the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden , in the Dutch province of Utrecht . It consists of a weir and a lock. The complex was completed in 1960 . The complex is similar to that at Driel and that at Amerongen . With these three weirs together, a large part of the water management in the Netherlands can be regulated.

Kasteel Rijnhuizen
Kasteel Rijnhuizen3.22km from Museum Vreeswijk

A majestic castle and estate in the Utrecht municipality of Nieuwegein. Here you have the opportunity to experience the most beautiful day of your life in an atmospheric, romantic environment.

IJsselstein Castle
IJsselstein Castle5.13km from Museum Vreeswijk

IJsselstein Castle is located in the center of the town of the same name IJsselstein in the province of Utrecht . The castle was mentioned as early as 1144. The castle was demolished in 1418, with the approval of Jacoba van Beieren , to be rebuilt in 1427. The most famous inhabitants of the castle came from the Van Amstel family . They founded the place IJsselstein from the castle around 1300 and they called themselves Van IJsselstein ever since .

Where is Museum Vreeswijk

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