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Oostbroek - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Bunnikseweg 39, 3732 HV De Bilt, Netherlands

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About Oostbroek

Oostbroek is a former abbey and manor in the current Dutch town of De Bilt . Gradually, the Oostbroek estate was created, one of the nature reserves managed by Het Utrechts Landschap. Estate Oostbroek also has a function as an ecological main structureconnecting the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Kromme Rijn area. Due to this feature, special species can be found in this area, especially birds.

Attractions Near Oostbroek

Utrecht Botanic Gardens
Utrecht Botanic Gardens1.48km from Oostbroek

This beautiful Botanic Gardens cover nines hectares and are open to the public every day from March 1 until December 1. You can visit a rock garden, a evolution garden, tropical greenhouses, a birders den and much more! This extraordinary stretch of green space is part of Utrecht University and located at the heart of Utrecht Science Park.

Beeldenpark Jits Bakker
Beeldenpark Jits Bakker1.85km from Oostbroek

Sculpture Park Jits Bakker is a museum sculpture park on the Beerschoten estate in De Bilt with a permanent collection of monumental sculptures , consisting of thirty - one sculptures in bronze , marble and granite by the internationally renowned Dutch artist Jits Bakker .

Landgoed Beerschoten
Landgoed Beerschoten1.87km from Oostbroek

Beerschoten is an estate in the Dutch municipality of De Bilt , located next to the N237 . Most of the current estate is managed by Het Utrechts Landschap . Various parts of the estate are national monuments. The estate consists mainly of unmixed forest. It has several walking routes , mainly through beech avenues and avenues of Douglas fir . In addition to the large avenues, there are also smaller paths through Berceaus. In addition to the walks, you can also visit a sculpture garden.

Van Boetzelaer Park
Van Boetzelaer Park1.92km from Oostbroek

Van Boetzelaer park has everything a park supposed to have. Trees, flowers, a pond with fountain and ducks, also kids' playground. It is one of the iconic location for a family day out and also there are so many things to see and do.

Fort Rhijnauwen
Fort Rhijnauwen2.04km from Oostbroek

Fort bij Rijnauwen is a Dutch fortress near the hamlet Rhijnauwen in the municipality of Bunnik. It is part of the New Dutch Waterline. With an area of ​​32 hectares , this is the largest fortress in the NHW. It was built in 1867 - 1869 as part of the forward line forts near Utrecht. This forward line served to close off the Houtense Vlakte. The fortress is built according to the modern polygonal system.

Rhijnauwen2.66km from Oostbroek

Rhijnauwen is located on the right bank of the Kromme Rijn , approximately two kilometers west of the Utrecht town of Bunnik. The house is the center of a vast, much-visited estate , which can be walked along beautiful avenues. A youth hostel has been established in the country house since 1933 ; this is the oldest youth hostel in the Netherlands. Close to the youth hostel is Theehuis Rhijnauwen, one of the biggest attractions of the area.

Where is Oostbroek

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