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Griftpark - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Van Swindenstraat 129, 3514 XR Utrecht, Netherlands


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About Griftpark

The Griftpark is a park in the Dutch city of Utrecht. However, the site had become heavily polluted. The park was therefore nicknamed Gifpark in Utrecht . The soil in the area was remediated between 1993 and 2002, after which it was redesigned as a city park. The contaminated soil is, as it were, wrapped up so that the poison can no longer cause any damage.In the park there is a skating rink that enjoys great popularity. Just like the football cage, often used by students.

Attractions Near Griftpark

Statue of Anne Frank
Statue of Anne Frank1.05km from Griftpark

The statue of Anne Frank on the Janskerkhof in Utrecht is a statue of the German- Jewish girl Anne Frank who died at the age of fifteen during the Holocaust . Through her diary, Anne Frank has become a worldwide symbol of the victims of the Holocaust. The bronze statue was made by the Utrecht sculptor Pieter d'Hont.

Janskerkhof1.06km from Griftpark

The Janskerkhof is a square in Utrecht , the capital of the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is the square on which the Janskerk and the former Statenkamer stand. The law faculty of Utrecht University, as well as the `Theatre' faculty of the Utrecht School of the Arts is located at Janskerkhof. The PhRM society of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps is also located on this square. Various catering establishments are also located on the square.

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst1.09km from Griftpark

Basis for contemporary art is a platform for contemporary art founded in 2003 in Utrecht . The institution functions as a platform for thinking about , with and through art in order to critically examine current social issues and to imagine and shape the world differently together with the public. BAK does this by combining public programming and the making of exhibitions with research, education and talent development.

Sint Willibrordkerk
Sint Willibrordkerk1.13km from Griftpark

The Sint-Willibrordkerk on Minrebroederstraat in the Dutch city of Utrecht is a Roman Catholic church in neo-Gothic style.The church is near the Dom Church in the historical centre of Utrecht, the Saint Willibrord church is known as a hidden treasure in the city. The church is owned by the Sint Willibrordus Foundation, which was founded by Father Winand Kotte AA . The church was designated a national monument in 1976 .

St Martin's Cathedral
St Martin's Cathedral1.27km from Griftpark

A majestic gothic church located next to the Cathedral Tower in Utrecht. It is the country's only pre-Reformation cathedral, but has been a Protestant church since 1580.It was once the Netherlands' largest church, but the nave collapsed in a storm in 1674 and rebuilt thereafter. When entering St. Martin’s Cathedral, you will immediately notice the 32-metre high vault. Other characteristics of the Cathedral are the pews across from each other, the tombs and the stained glass windows.

Paushuize1.29km from Griftpark

This is an important monumental building in the Dutch city of Utrecht . It is located on Pausdam in the historic city center of Utrecht, on the corner of Kromme Nieuwegracht and Achter Sint Pieter . Since 2012, Paushuize has been used as a location for weddings, meetings, conferences and events. Heirloom - Venues of Utrecht is the current operator. Entering the Paushuize is entering 500 years of Utrecht’s history.

Where is Griftpark

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Utrecht is a province of the Netherlands. It is located in the centre of the country. It is home to a number of nature preserves, castles and bustling cities. With the region having such a rich and long history, there are many old cities and ancient buildings to explore. The city of Utrecht features a historic center with an old cathedral tower that dates back to the Middle Ages.