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Pandhof van de Dom - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

3512 JG Utrecht, Netherlands

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About Pandhof van de Dom

The Pandhof of the Dom is the cloister garden of the Dom Church. This hidden garden is sandwiched between the Dom Church and the Academy Building, and is a wonderfully idyllic spot full of flowers and herbs. The Pandhof is one of the most beautiful courtyards in the Netherlands and from here you have a beautiful view of the Dom Tower and church.

Attractions Near Pandhof van de Dom

St Martin's Cathedral
St Martin's Cathedral0.05km from Pandhof van de Dom

A majestic gothic church located next to the Cathedral Tower in Utrecht. It is the country's only pre-Reformation cathedral, but has been a Protestant church since 1580.It was once the Netherlands' largest church, but the nave collapsed in a storm in 1674 and rebuilt thereafter. When entering St. Martin’s Cathedral, you will immediately notice the 32-metre high vault. Other characteristics of the Cathedral are the pews across from each other, the tombs and the stained glass windows.

Dom Tower
Dom Tower0.09km from Pandhof van de Dom

The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, at 112.5 metres in height. It is considered the symbol of Utrecht. IT was built between 1321 and 1382. The tower stands at the spot where the city of Utrecht originated almost 2,000 years ago. Even if you can’t see it, you are still likely to hear one of its thirteen bells that weigh between 880 and 18,000 pounds.

Paushuize0.11km from Pandhof van de Dom

This is an important monumental building in the Dutch city of Utrecht . It is located on Pausdam in the historic city center of Utrecht, on the corner of Kromme Nieuwegracht and Achter Sint Pieter . Since 2012, Paushuize has been used as a location for weddings, meetings, conferences and events. Heirloom - Venues of Utrecht is the current operator. Entering the Paushuize is entering 500 years of Utrecht’s history.

Het Utrechts Archief - Expo
Het Utrechts Archief - Expo0.16km from Pandhof van de Dom

The Utrecht Archives is an archive institution in the Dutch city of Utrecht . It manages the richest collection on the history of the city and province of Utrecht . With over 30 kilometers of archives, visual documents and 73,000 publications, the archive forms a knowledge center for the history of Utrecht. The Utrecht Archives also possess knowledge about supervision according to the Archives Act and in the field of analog and digital archive management.

Museum Speelklok
Museum Speelklok0.21km from Pandhof van de Dom

Museum Speelklokn is a museum in The Netherlands, specializing in self-playing musical instruments. It will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising its visitors every day with the cheerful tunes from all corners of the museum. A fun day out in Utrecht for children and adults. Over the years the museum has become popular nationwide and also internationally.

Sint Willibrordkerk
Sint Willibrordkerk0.23km from Pandhof van de Dom

The Sint-Willibrordkerk on Minrebroederstraat in the Dutch city of Utrecht is a Roman Catholic church in neo-Gothic style.The church is near the Dom Church in the historical centre of Utrecht, the Saint Willibrord church is known as a hidden treasure in the city. The church is owned by the Sint Willibrordus Foundation, which was founded by Father Winand Kotte AA . The church was designated a national monument in 1976 .

Where is Pandhof van de Dom

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Utrecht is a province of the Netherlands. It is located in the centre of the country. It is home to a number of nature preserves, castles and bustling cities. With the region having such a rich and long history, there are many old cities and ancient buildings to explore. The city of Utrecht features a historic center with an old cathedral tower that dates back to the Middle Ages.