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Botanische Tuin TU Delft - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Poortlandplein 6, 2628 BM Delft, Netherlands

Botanical Gardens

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About Botanische Tuin TU Delft

The Hortus Botanicus TU Delft or in Dutch ; Botanische Tuin TU Delft is a botanical garden under the Technical University of Delft in Delft , the Netherlands . It was founded in 1917 , as a "Garden for the cultivation of plants of economic interest". The garden is about 2.5 hectares in size, it consists of an arboretum, annual flowering plant garden, plants for commercial use and a greenhouse complex.

Attractions Near Botanische Tuin TU Delft

Nieuwe Church
Nieuwe Church0.77km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

A majestic Protestant church in the city of Delft in the Netherlands. The building is located on Delft Market Square. This is the burial place of the princes of Orange. The church is remarkable for its fine tower and chime of bells, and contains the splendid allegorical monument of William the Silent.

Vermeer Centrum Delft
Vermeer Centrum Delft0.86km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

The Vermeer Centre is an information center dedicated to the painter Johannes Vermeer and the work of his contemporaries in Delft, the Netherlands. The center acts as a museum, though technically it does not own the original artifacts on display and therefore has not earned the Dutch label for "Museum".

Stadhuis Delft
Stadhuis Delft0.87km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

The town hall of Delft , in the Dutch province of South Holland , is located on the Markt opposite the Nieuwe Kerk. is the seat of the city's government as well as a popular venue for civic wedding ceremonies. Most administrative functions have been transferred to an office inside the Delft railway station building.

Museum Prinsenhof Delft
Museum Prinsenhof Delft1.14km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

Museum Prinsenhof Delft is a museum in the Dutch city of Delft . It is located in the former Sint-Agatha Monastery , which belongs to the Top 100 of the National Monuments Conservation Service from 1990. The museum sheds light on Delftware , great Delft scientists and Delft masters, Willem van Oranje and the House of Orange-Nassau . The museum has a collection of paintings, pottery and utensils from the Golden Age . The museum attracts approximately 63,500 visitors annually.

Family park Drievliet
Family park Drievliet5.09km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

Drievliet Family Park is a Dutch amusement park in The Hague , South Holland , which opened in 1938.

EV15 Rínarleiðin
EV15 Rínarleiðin8.58km from Botanische Tuin TU Delft

The EV15 Rhine route is a 1,230 km long EuroVelo cycle route along the Rhine River from the source at Andermatt in Switzerland to the estuaries of the river at Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands . The route passes through four countries, Switzerland, France , Germany and the Netherlands.

Where is Botanische Tuin TU Delft

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