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Museum Gouda - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Achter de Kerk 14, 2801 JX Gouda, Netherlands


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About Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda is a museum in the Dutch city of Gouda. It was founded in 1874 as the Municipal Museum of Gouda by, among others, city illustrator JJ Bertelman and pastor JN Scheltema. The museum was located in the Arti Legi building on the Markt. The museum exhibits objects from the six most important Gouda pottery factories: Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland , Goedewaagen , Ivora , Zenith , Regina and Flora . There are also examples of the Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven on display.

Attractions Near Museum Gouda

Archeon Museum Park
Archeon Museum Park12.17km from Museum Gouda

Museumpark Archeon is an open -air museum and educational experience park in Alphen aan den Rijn in South Holland that shows life in the Netherlands during prehistory , Roman times and the Middle Ages . It uses archaeological reconstructions, reenacting daily activities in which visitors can participate and exhibiting original historical objects. The park was granted museum status in 2015 .

Binnenhof13.36km from Museum Gouda

The Binnenhof is a complex of buildings in the center of The Hague , which has been the center of Dutch and Dutch politics for centuries . The Senate and House of Representatives are located here , the two chambers that together form the parliament, and part of the Council of State , the body that advises on legislation and also serves as the highest administrative court . The Prime Minister, the highest political administrator in the Netherlands, also has his office here, in the Torentje.

Landgoed Linschoten
Landgoed Linschoten14.28km from Museum Gouda

Landgoed Linschoten near the town of the same name in the province of Utrecht is the largest estate in the Randstad at around 450 hectares . It includes a country house with park, watercourses, monumental farms, grasslands and forests. There are many special plants to be found, such as wild garlic , arum , bird's milk and wild hyacinths . The estate is now a protected nature reserve in its entirety.

Unesco Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk
Unesco Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk14.45km from Museum Gouda

The windmills of Kinderdijk are a unique feat of global culture. That's why this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a group of 19 monumental windmills in the Alblasserwaard polder, in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. Most of the mills are part of the village of Kinderdijk in the municipality of Molenlanden, and one mill, De Blokker, is part of the municipality of Alblasserdam. Built in 1738 and 1740, to keep water out of the older.

EV15 Rínarleiðin
EV15 Rínarleiðin14.92km from Museum Gouda

The EV15 Rhine route is a 1,230 km long EuroVelo cycle route along the Rhine River from the source at Andermatt in Switzerland to the estuaries of the river at Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands . The route passes through four countries, Switzerland, France , Germany and the Netherlands.

Bird Park Avifauna
Bird Park Avifauna15.16km from Museum Gouda

Vogelpark Avifauna is an animal park in Alphen aan den Rijn with an emphasis on birds.The park has lots of greenery and ponds , a restaurant , and a large playground with traditionally the highest sliding tower in the Netherlands. The park was owned by the Van der Valk group but has been a foundation since early 2012. The Avifauna Bird Park Foundation is committed to bird and nature conservation and has an ANBI status. Boat trips can also be made from the park.

Where is Museum Gouda

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