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Museon - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Stadhouderslaan 37, 2517 HV Den Haag, Netherlands


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About Museon

The Museon is a popular science museum in The Hague with collections in the fields of geology, biology, history, archaeology, physics, technology and ethnology. The Museon is located between the Kunstmuseum and the Omniversum , in the west of the Zorgvliet district .Its collection consists of approximately 273,000 objects. Important items include the collection of objects belonging to the Inuit from Greenland and so more.

Attractions Near Museon

Kunstmuseum Den Haag
Kunstmuseum Den Haag0.13km from Museon

The Kunstmuseum Den Haag is a museum for modern arts and crafts in The Hague . It was founded in 1866 as the Museum of Modern Art. ​​​​​​​Its collection of Modern Art offers an overview of Dutch art since the early 19th century, supplemented with characteristic examples of art that emerged in other countries during the same period. Collection cores are: the Hague School , Symbolism around 1900, the artists around De Stijl and the Bauhaus and Expressionism .

Fotomuseum Den Haag
Fotomuseum Den Haag0.18km from Museon

The Fotomuseum Den Haag is a photography museum in The Hague . The museum was founded in 2002 as part of the Kunstmuseum Den Haag and works closely with the Print Room of Leiden University Library. Each year, the Fotomuseum Den Haag organizes approximately six exhibitions on the most diverse periods, disciplines and genres of photographic history.

Peace Palace
Peace Palace1.01km from Museon

The Peace Palace is the seat of the Permanent Court of Arbitration , the United Nations International Court of Justice , the Hague Academy of International Law , the Peace Palace Library and the Carnegie Foundation . In addition, the palace regularly hosts various events in the field of international law and politics. The aim of these organizations is to find a peaceful solution to disputes between countries.

De Mesdag Collectie
De Mesdag Collectie1.18km from Museon

The Mesdag Collection, is a museum for visual arts in the Dutch city of The Hague. Its collection consists of the home - and also studio - of the Mesdag couple and the museum. The walls are richly decorated with authentic motifs and everywhere are large windows with a view of the museum garden and the tower of the Peace Palace . The presentation of the paintings and the interior gives the museum a nineteenth-century atmosphere.

Panorama Mesdag
Panorama Mesdag1.6km from Museon

Panorama Mesdag is a cylindrical panorama painting about 14 meters high and 120 meters in circumference. The painting, which is one of the oldest surviving panoramas in the world, is a vista of the North Sea , the dunes, The Hague and Scheveningen . It belongs to the ' Top 100 of the Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg ' from 1990.

Madurodam1.61km from Museon

Madurodam is a Dutch miniature city in The Hague on a scale of 1 to 25, opened on July 2, 1952 at George Maduroplein. This tourist theme park attracts approximately 600,000 paying visitors every year. The park covers a total area of ​​62,630 m². The built city itself measures 17,630 m². The miniature city has often served as inspiration for the construction of various theme parks worldwide such as Legoland Billund and the Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Where is Museon

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