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Naturalis Biodiversity Center - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Darwinweg 2, 2333 CR Leiden, Netherlands

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About Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center is a research institute and natural history museum in the South Holland city of Leiden . Naturalis, the Netherlands Center for Biodiversity was created from a merger between the Zoological Museum Amsterdam , the National Herbarium of the Netherlands and the Natural History Museum Naturalis.

Attractions Near Naturalis Biodiversity Center

National Museum of Ethnology
National Museum of Ethnology0.66km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Museum Volkenkunde has been a Dutch national museum in Leiden since 1837 . In 1937 it was established in a monumental building complex on the edge of the city center. Before that it served as a teaching hospital. Since 2013, the museum has been part of the National Museum of World Cultures. The collection includes many artifacts from Africa , Greenland , China , Indonesia , Japan , Korea , Latin America , North America , Oceania , Southwest, South, Central and Southeast Asia .

Molen De Valk
Molen De Valk0.91km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Molen De Valk is a scaffolding mill and museum on the Lammermarkt in the Dutch city of Leiden. The current stone scaffolding mill is the third mill that has stood on this site. In 1611 the post mill "De Valck" was built on the Valkenburger stronghold. Since 2 June 1966, the mill has been in use as a municipal mill museum. De Valk has been milling again since 2000. As of 1 June 2013, the Molenmuseum De Valk is part of Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken .

Japan Museum SieboldHuis
Japan Museum SieboldHuis0.96km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, is a museum on the Rapenburg in the Dutch city of Leiden . The museum displays objects that Philipp Franz von Siebold collected between 1823 and 1829 during his stay on Deshima , the Dutch trading settlement near Nagasaki in Japan . It also acts as a museum of Japanese culture.The SieboldHuis has a permanent exhibition of maps, rocks, animals and plants, utensils and art. In addition, changing exhibitions offer a varied program of Japanese art.

Museum De Lakenhal
Museum De Lakenhal1km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Museum De Lakenhal is the city museum of fine art and history in Leiden, Netherlands. One highlight is its collection of fijnschilder paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The broad collection ranges from early works by Rembrandt van Rijn and Lucas van Leyden's Last Judgement to modern classics of De Stijl and artworks created by contemporary artists such as Claudy Jongstra, Atelier van Lieshout and many others.

National Museum of Antiquities
National Museum of Antiquities1.11km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

This is the national archaeological museum of the Netherlands, located in Leiden. It grew out of the collection of Leiden University and still closely co-operates with its Faculty of Archaeology.

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave
Rijksmuseum Boerhaave1.14km from Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave is a museum of the history of science and medicine, based in Leiden, Netherlands.The museum hosts a collection of historical scientific instruments from all disciplines, but mainly from medicine, physics, and astronomy. The museum is located in a building that was originally a convent in central Leiden.

Where is Naturalis Biodiversity Center

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