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Boerskotten - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

7587 De Lutte, Netherlands

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About Boerskotten

Boerskotten is a nature reserve of approximately 133 hectares. Boerskotten was purchased in 1984 by the Natuurmonumenten association . During the construction of the A1, objections arose from nature and environmental organizations, because this highway was built right through the nature reserve. Both parts are connected by means of wildlife tunnels and an ecoduct . There are also connections with adjacent nature reserves such as De Snippert and the Duivelshof.

Attractions Near Boerskotten

Arboretum Poort Bulten
Arboretum Poort Bulten1.83km from Boerskotten

Arboretum Poort Bulten is an arboretum near the village of De Lutte in Twente . The arboretum has an area of ​​19 ha , of which approximately 10 ha is occupied by a forest strip and a pool landscape. The park also houses a large collection of boulders found on the route of the nearby A1 motorway. More than 1000 different types of trees and shrubs grow in the Poort Bulten arboretum.

Tankenberg3.44km from Boerskotten

The Tankenberg is a mountain in the Dutch municipality of Oldenzaal . It is 81.8 meters high, making it the highest mountain in the province of Overijssel . It is part of an ice margin. There has been a chapel on the mountain since 1955. The Tankenberg can be climbed by bike from several sides. The Siemertweg is the longest and steepest ascent.

Landgoed Egheria
Landgoed Egheria3.51km from Boerskotten

Landgoed Egheria is a Dutch nature reserve near the Twente village of De Lutte in the Overijssel municipality of Losser . It is part of the Oldenzaal Estates Natura 2000 area . The total estate is approximately 245 ha, of which approximately 162 ha is managed by Natuurmonumenten . The rest of the estate is owned by several private owners.

Lonnekerberg4.41km from Boerskotten

The Lonnekerberg is an elevation in the municipality of Enschede in the Dutch province of Overijssel . The hill, with a height of sixty meters above NAP , is located northeast of the Twente village of Lonneker and east of the former Twenthe airport. Its nature reserve covers 141 hectares and is owned by Landscape Overijssel . Production forest with different types of coniferous wood that was planted in the time of Bledenstein and afterwards is gradually being transformed into mixed forest .

Het Hulsbeek
Het Hulsbeek5.5km from Boerskotten

The Hulsbeek is a Dutch recreation area , located west of Oldenzaal . Originally it was an estate situated around Erve Het Hulsbeek. The area, with a total area of ​​230 ha, consists on the one hand of the landscaped recreational lakes and meadows with a skateboard track and on the other hand of the original forest and heathland.

De Dinkel, Twente
De Dinkel, Twente5.68km from Boerskotten

The Dinkel is a small river in the border area of ​​the Netherlands and Germany . It starts in North Rhine-Westphalia between Coesfeld and Ahaus . At Losser in Twente it enters the Netherlands , flows along the Lutterzand and leaves the Netherlands again near Ootmarsum, to flow at Neuenhaus into the Vechte which enters the Netherlands at De Haandrik and from there the ' Overijsselse Vecht ' is called.

Where is Boerskotten

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Overijssel is a province of the Netherlands located in the eastern part of the country. Its capital city of Zwolle boasts a rich history, but the town of Enschede takes the crown for being the province’s largest city. Overijssel features a number of picturesque natural reserves, including De Weeribben.