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Boswachterij Staphorst - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Boswachterij Staphorst, 7715 Punthorst, Netherlands


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About Boswachterij Staphorst

Boswachterij Staphorst of Staatsbosbeheer is a 940 hectare forest and nature reserve in the eastern part of the municipality of Staphorst in the province of Overijssel . It is located in an otherwise agricultural environment. The forestry is crossed by dirt roads and several motorways. In the middle is the Zwarte Dennen swimming pond , with a landscaped sandy beach all around, which attracts many visitors for daytime recreation in summer time.

Attractions Near Boswachterij Staphorst

Museum Staphorst
Museum Staphorst3.72km from Boswachterij Staphorst

Museum Staphorst offers you plenty of opportunity to discover Staphorst's culturally rich past and present. It occupies two farms. A reception room has been set up in the front farm. Behind it is an older typical Staphorster farm. The living area is still in its original state and there are exhibitions where regional costumes, jewelry and folk art are exhibited.

Reest5.51km from Boswachterij Staphorst

De Reest is a Dutch stream that starts in the now excavated raised bog between Slagharen , Lutten and Dedemsvaart and meanders to Meppel , where it flows into the Meppelerdiep approximately 35 km later . The Reest flows on the north side of the primeval valley of the Overijsselse Vecht .

Museum Palthehof
Museum Palthehof6.85km from Boswachterij Staphorst

Museum Palthehof is a museum in the Oaveriesselse village of Ni'jlusen , where you can learn about the history of this place. The Museum is dedicated to the Palthe family, who were landowners on Ni'jlusen until 1928. 't Stiet for the south side of the village elegen Palthebos , previously owned by this family.In the museum you will find inventories of all sorts of craft activities, farm work, household goods and clothes and many more.

Drukkerijmuseum Meppel
Drukkerijmuseum Meppel8.71km from Boswachterij Staphorst

A beautiful printing museum, which was located in the heart of Drenthe. Experience for yourself what it was like to use old craft techniques, such as creating a page by setting a text with lead letters. Stand like a book printer behind the stamping printing presses where the typed word is recorded with ink and paper.

Zwarte Water
Zwarte Water12.07km from Boswachterij Staphorst

The Zwartewater is a 19 kilometer long river in the Dutch province of Overijssel . The river originates in Zwolle , where it arises from the Soestwetering and the Nieuwe Wetering. The river flows into the Zwarte Meer . The Dedemsvaart canal, dug by Baron van Dedem, flows into the Zwartewater.

Belterwijde13.55km from Boswachterij Staphorst

The Belterwijde is a lake in the Kop van Overijssel southwest of Wanneperveen in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The lake is separated in an eastern and a western part by the Blauwehandseweg. On the north bank of the eastern part there are many recreational facilities in the form of campsites, bungalow parks and marinas, which are in line with the development of the Westeinde of the regional village of Wanneperveen.

Where is Boswachterij Staphorst

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Overijssel is a province of the Netherlands located in the eastern part of the country. Its capital city of Zwolle boasts a rich history, but the town of Enschede takes the crown for being the province’s largest city. Overijssel features a number of picturesque natural reserves, including De Weeribben.