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BestZoo - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Broekdijk 15, 5681 PG Best, Netherlands


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About BestZoo

BestZoo is a small zoo that also has a playground attached. It is located in the hamlet of De Vleut near Best in North Brabant. The zoo became an official animal park in 1932. Before that, there was already a private collection of exotic animals. Over the years, the park and the number of animals in captivity continued to expand.

Attractions Near BestZoo

Attractiepark DippieDoe
Attractiepark DippieDoe3.91km from BestZoo

DippieDoe amusement park is the ideal day out for families with children up to 13 years old. With more than 25 fun, exciting and cool attractions on a 12,000 m2 outer harbor and 3,000 m2 inner harbor, there is always something to do! You get unlimited access to all attractions. The attractions in the park are both indoor and outdoor. The park is mainly aimed at families with children up to 12 years old.

Kampina9.18km from BestZoo

De Kampina is a nature reserve with forest, heath and stream valleys in the province of North Brabant , located between Boxtel and Oisterwijk . Since 1929 , the area has been largely owned by the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten and is more than 1200 hectares in size.

Oertijdmuseum10.45km from BestZoo

The Oertijdmuseum, in the town of Boxtel in the Dutch province of North Brabant , is a natural history and geological museum that displays paleontological features , including dinosaur skeletons , and also develops educational activities.

Philips Museum
Philips Museum11.16km from BestZoo

The Philips Museum is located in the North Brabant city ​​of Eindhoven and deals with the history of the company Philips . It is located in Philips' first light bulb factory. The entire process in various steps, starting with purified cotton wool and ending with a ready-to-use lamp, can still be followed in detail within the museum in 2020. A space has been opened , which is furnished as a lamp factory from the 1920s

St. Catherine's Church
St. Catherine's Church11.52km from BestZoo

A majestic architectural wonders in Eindhoven. This church has been around since the 13th century and was dedicated to the saint from Alexandria. The current structure was commissioned sometime in the 19th century. It is designed by Pierre Cuypers and is one of the famous pilgrimage centers in this area and also a tourist destination too.

Van Abbemuseum
Van Abbemuseum11.85km from BestZoo

The Van Abbemuseum is a museum for modern and contemporary art in the center of the North Brabant city ​​of Eindhoven . The museum was opened in 1936. The Van Abbemuseum is named after its founder Henri van Abbe . Van Abbe was a lover of modern art and wanted Eindhoven to enjoy it. In 2010, the collection of the museum houses more than 2700 works of art, of which approximately 1000 works on paper , 700 paintings and 1000 sculptures , installations and video works.

Where is BestZoo

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North Brabant
North Brabant
77 attractions

North Brabant is a province in the south of the Netherlands. North Brabant is a haven for nature lovers. Its picturesque landscape features small historic villages, windmills and stunning castles such as Heeze, Heezwijk and Gemmert. For a change of scenery, travelers can visit Eindhoven. This industrial city features a number of art galleries and museums, such as Van Abbemuseum.