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Dierenpark Zie-ZOO - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Zeelandsedijk 14b, 5408 SM Volkel, Netherlands


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About Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

Zie-ZOO Zoo is a medium-sized zoo in Volkel . The zoo is located right next to the entrance to Volkel Air Base. Many animals can be found in the zoo, from almost all continents. The most notable include the clouded leopard , tayra , wolverine , snow goat, Siberian fireweasel, ring-tailed mongoose, Asiatic rubella, and the American black bear.

Attractions Near Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

BillyBird Park Hemelrijk
BillyBird Park Hemelrijk1.91km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

BillyBird Park Hemelrijk is a large playground and recreational lake , expanded with various amusement park - like attractions . The park is located in Volkel , municipality of Maashorst , North Brabant . The park is built on the north side of a lake which is also called Hemelrijk. The park is built almost entirely around a beach pool. A large part of the attractions and playgrounds can be found outside. A smaller number of attractions can be found inside.

Museum Voor Religieuze Kunst
Museum Voor Religieuze Kunst4.58km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

The Museum of Modern Religious Art was founded in Ostend and existed there from 1974 to 1994. After its closure, the religious art collection moved to Brussels and was housed in the dome of the national basilica of Koekelberg . Today it is one of two museums in the basilica; the other is the Museum of the Black Sisters. The collection consists of works that were owned by the diocese of Bruges , the deanery of Ostend and the priest Ghekiere himself.

De Maashorst
De Maashorst10.74km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

The Maashorst is the largest contiguous nature reserve in the province of Noord-Brabant. A nature reserve with the ambition of becoming a national park. It also includes a nature gate: a gate through which many visitors go into nature each year to discover the unique characteristics of the Maashorst.

Kraaijenbergse Plassen
Kraaijenbergse Plassen14.27km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

The Kraaijenbergse Plassen form a vast lake area of ​​over 400 hectares. The lakes are located in the municipalities of Cuijk and Grave in the Dutch province of North Brabant. The lakes have been created since 1968 by the extraction of industrial sand, gravel and clay.

Museum Jan Cunen
Museum Jan Cunen15.96km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

Museum Jan Cunen is an art museum located in the monumental 'Villa Constance. The museum holds exhibitions of nineteenth-century, (early) twentieth-century and contemporary art and about the 'Story of Oss', with education as the spearhead. The building has been designated as a national monument since 2001.

Heeswijk Castle
Heeswijk Castle16.02km from Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

A 1000 years old majestic castle and is located in the middle of the Heeswijk Estate near Den Bosch.The original castle consisted of a motte erected in 1080. During the subsequent centuries this motte was reduced and in its place a castle was built.

Where is Dierenpark Zie-ZOO

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North Brabant
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North Brabant is a province in the south of the Netherlands. North Brabant is a haven for nature lovers. Its picturesque landscape features small historic villages, windmills and stunning castles such as Heeze, Heezwijk and Gemmert. For a change of scenery, travelers can visit Eindhoven. This industrial city features a number of art galleries and museums, such as Van Abbemuseum.