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Brunssummerheide - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Brunssummerheide, 6445 Brunssum, Netherlands

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About Brunssummerheide

An approximately 600 hectare nature reserve of the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten ; this concerns in particular the so-called Schrieversheide. On the other hand, this is also the name for the approximately 1800 hectare recreational area in which this nature reserve is located. The recreation area 'Brunssummerheide' is located in the province of Limburg , in the southeast of the municipality of Brunssum and adjacent municipalities of Heerlen and Landgraaf.

Attractions Near Brunssummerheide

Schutterspark2.21km from Brunssummerheide

The Schutterspark is a park in the Limburg municipality of Brunssum. The park is located in the valley of the Roode Beek and borders the colony Schuttersveld, which was formerly built for the Brunssum miners . The area is split into two parts by the stream . In the north lies a forest , heath and peat area that is somewhat in a natural state. In the south it is a recreation or people's park.

Schaesberg Castle
Schaesberg Castle3.28km from Brunssummerheide

Schaesberg Castle is located between the Schaesberg core of the municipality of Landgraaf and Heerlen in Dutch Limburg . Only the ruins of the main building remain of the castle of the lords of Schaesberg. From 2012, the castle is being rebuilt in phases.The moated castle was built in its last intact form in the 16th and 17th centuries in the style of the Maasland Renaissance . It was one of the best and most extensive examples of this architectural style.

Glaspaleis4.72km from Brunssummerheide

A majestic building, which was fulley covered  by glass, built in the years 1934-1935 and serves as the cultural centre. It belongs to the architecture of Het Nieuwe Bouwen, a style more or less comparable to that of the Bauhaus, Modernism and International Style. Architect is Frits Peutz, largely responsible for reshaping Heerlen in a modern way.

Thermenmuseum5.03km from Brunssummerheide

The Thermenmuseum is an archaeological museum in the center of the Dutch-Limburg city ​​of Heerlen . Opened in 1977, the museum is built around the excavation of a Roman bathhouse, which is the oldest, largest and best-preserved antique building in the Netherlands. Here you can admire not only the remains of the Roman bathhouse, but also many archaeological objects that have been found in the Heerlen region.

Mondo Verde
Mondo Verde5.19km from Brunssummerheide

Mondo Verde is a 25 hectare theme , amusement park and animal park located in Park Gravenrode , Landgraaf . Mondo Verde mainly shows international gardens with the accompanying culture. You can also use a number of attractions and animals are kept here.

Castle Strijthagen ArtLand
Castle Strijthagen ArtLand5.32km from Brunssummerheide

A majestic and beautiful estate on the territory of the Dutch Limburg municipality of Landgraaf, located in the Strijthagerbeek valley, at the heart of Schaesberg. It was built in the 18th century on the site of an older castle. The walls of the main building consist of so-called bacon layers. The castle complex also consists of the classicist steward's house, the 17th-century white-plastered outer bailey, the watermill called Strijthagermolen, and the coach house.

Where is Brunssummerheide

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Limburg is the southernmost of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. The city features a number of historic homes, cathedrals cobblestone streets. There are claims that Maastricht is the oldest city in the country, but others contest that Nijmegen holds that title. The capital city is situated within walking distance of Belgium and is just a short bike ride away from Germany. The city also boasts excellent dining spots and plenty of shops.