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The Noordlaarderbos is a kind of fairytale forest with a rich past. For example, you will find burial mounds here. The old burial mounds in the Noordlaarderbos date back to far before the Middle Ages. They are at least 2500 years old. They have lost their original shape due to burrowing humans and animals.The forest is especially popular with holidaymakers for walking on weekends. Natuurmonumenten has set out several walking routes through the forest.

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Hunebed G1

Hunebed G1

0.79km from Noordlaarderbos

Hunebed G1 is located southwest of Noordlaren in the Dutch province of Groningen . The hunebed is located on a hill in a bush, which can be reached from Noordlaren via a dirt road. Within the Netherlands, the hunebed is the most northern of the hunebeds still located on the original site, and also the only Groningen hunebed still on the original site. The hunebed was archaeologically examined in 1957 under the supervision of Van Giffen.

Natuurgebied Appelbergen

Natuurgebied Appelbergen

2.41km from Noordlaarderbos

Appelbergen is the name of a former military training area and today a forest with heather and peat remnants east of Glimmen , in the province of Groningen. In the forest is a restaurant Pancake House Paviljoen Appelbergen, near the lake which is located in the middle of the forest. This is the remnant of a larger circular lake that is now an almost impassable swamp . In the past there was also an outdoor swimming pool , of which a few remains are still visible.

Drentsche Aa

Drentsche Aa

3.4km from Noordlaarderbos

The Drentsche Aa is a river rising in the Dutch province of Drenthe, flowing through Drenthe and for the last part the province of Groningen. It ends in the Schipsloot near Haren, which flows into the Noord-Willemskanaal; however, originally it ended into the Selwerderdiep. The water finally ends in the Lauwersmeer and Waddenzee.

Windmill Museum De Wachter

Windmill Museum De Wachter

3.77km from Noordlaarderbos

De Wachter is a smock mill in Zuidlaren, Drenthe, which has been restored to working order. The mill was built in 1851 and is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 41064. It comprises also a clog workshop, bakery and grocery shop, smithy and you can take a cruise on a steam-powered boat.

Nationaal beek- en esdorpenlandschap Drentsche Aa

National Park Drentsche Aa is a national park of the Netherlands, which consists of the cultural landscape surrounding the valley of the small river the Drentsche Aa. The landscape is currently nearly the same as it was in the mid 19th century, as the several agricultural landscape reforms of the 20th century were not implemented in this area.



4.4km from Noordlaarderbos

A beautiful lake, that runs Northwest of the village of Zuidlaren and southwards of the former municipality of Hoogezand-Sappemeer. It was formed 5,000-8,000 years ago. The lake is fed by the river Hunze. This river enters the lake in the south-east and exits the lake in the north as Drentsche Diep.The lake is popular with tourists, but in particular with yachtsmen. Many sailboats are moored in the lake, because the Zuidlaardermeer is one of the few suitable lakes for sailing in the region.

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Groningen is the northeasternmost province of the Netherlands. The city of Groningen is the province’s main attraction and is primarily known as a student city. Pubs in the capital city stay open later than any other city in the country. There are also plenty of sights to see and things to do during your stay in the capital city.

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