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Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde - Things to Know Before Visiting

Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde, 9752 XH Haren, Netherlands

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

The Paterswoldsemeer is a lake southwest of the Dutch city of Groningen on the border of the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.Due to its location near Groningen, the lake is popular with boating enthusiasts, especially sailors. The Hoornsemeer, and more in particular the Hoornseplas, is popular with swimmers and sunbathers.

Attractions Near Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

Vennebroek1.35km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

Vennebroek is a 17 hectare estate north of Paterswolde , adjacent to the Friesche Veen estate. The estate consists of grasslands and beech and oak avenues. What is special is that there are almost 200 species of mushrooms here, including the rare evening crimson mushroom and a sweet chestnut that is about 350 years old and has a circumference of 4.7 meters. A large beech tree has a branch that bends so far that it touches the ground and takes root again.

Doolhof Landgoed De Braak
Doolhof Landgoed De Braak1.58km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

This is a 29-hectare estate of Natuurmonumenten on the north side of Paterswolde , consisting of park forest, meadows and mixed forest. At the beginning of the 19th century, the landscape-style park forest was designed by the landscape gardener Roodbaard, with winding lanes and graceful ponds. There is a maze and berceau in De Braak. Nearby, the estate is known for its rookery of up to 400 pairs, and the blue heron colony of 30 pairs. The centuries-old trees serve as shelter for many bats.

Hoornseplas1.94km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

The Hoornseplas is a recreational lake south of the city of Groningen in the municipalities of Groningen and Tynaarlo. The Hoornse Plas includes a playing and splashing pond, sandy beaches and playing and sunbathing areas. The southern part of the Hoornse Plas is an area where free recreation is allowed: it is a popular nudist beach . Until the summer of 2006, the so-called 'paalberg' stood on the northern bank.

Meerschap Paterswolde
Meerschap Paterswolde2.23km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

Meerschap Paterwolde is a partnership of the municipalities of Groningen and Tynaarlo and until 1 January 2019 the former municipality of Haren . The Meerschap is responsible for managing the area around the Paterswoldsemeer. The Meerschap manages the Paterswoldse lake, the Hoornsemeer , the Hoornseplas and the surrounding recreational and nature areas.The powers of the Meerschap are laid down in the Joint Regulations Act .

Wall House # 2
Wall House # 22.28km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

Wall House II is an historic building in Groningen, Netherlands, that was designed by John Hejduk. it is one of his few realized designs.Wall House II has a very large wall as its central feature, composed of four organic-formed rooms and a long, narrow corridor. It is considered a mix of Cubist painting, Surrealist sculpture and architecture.

De Onlanden
De Onlanden2.38km from Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

The De Onlanden area is located in the north of Drenthe and is approximately 2500 ha. big. The name chosen in 2009 is due to the combination of large-scale nature development and large-scale water storage , which makes part of the area 'onland' again. The official credo for the project that led to the design of the area is 'Wet nature for dry feet'.

Where is Paterswoldsemeer Westzijde

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