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Laxenburg Castle Park - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Neudorfer Str. 8, 2361 Laxenburg, Austria

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About Laxenburg Castle Park

Laxenburg Castle Park is among the most significant historical landscaped gardens in Europe. Leisure experiences to suit your taste in breathtaking surroundings. it is an iconic attraction in this area and also attracts a lot of tourists here.

Attractions Near Laxenburg Castle Park

Laxenburg Castle Park
Laxenburg Castle Park0.45km from Laxenburg Castle Park

Laxenburg Castle Park is among the most significant historical landscaped gardens in Europe. The castles became a Habsburg possession in 1333 and formerly served as a summer retreat, along with Schönbrunn palace, for the imperial Habsburg dynasty. Blauer Hof Palace was the birthplace of some members of the royal family, including Crown Prince Rudolf. Another castle nearby is named Franzensburg castle.

Franzensburg1.38km from Laxenburg Castle Park

Franzensburg palace was built in 1801-1836 in the style of and medieval castle. It is named after Francis II, the last Holy Roman Emperor. Its interior houses the chambers of a legendary knight. This is revealed to those who enter on paintings and glass images both in the form of Emperor Franz II, the builder, and in that of Emperor Maximilian I, the "last knight".

Castle Liechtenstein
Castle Liechtenstein6.79km from Laxenburg Castle Park

Liechtenstein Castle is very different from other Austrian castles and palaces. It is Austria's only ancestral castle of a ruling dynasty. It is privately owned and It is on the edge of the Wienerwald. Today, the castle hosts the Nestroy Theatre Festival, which is held annually during the summer months. The 1969 film A Walk with Love and Death, the 1971 film The Vampire Happening, the 1979 film The Fifth Musketeer, and the 1993 film The Three Musketeers featured shots of the castle.

Husarentempelgasse7.16km from Laxenburg Castle Park

The Hussar Temple is a classical building on the Kleiner Anninger in the Föhrenberge Nature Park in the municipality of Mödling . The temple is one of the many artificial ruins built in the perimeter of Liechtenstein Castle , the seat of the Liechtensteiners at the time.Today's massive successor building was built in 1813 by Joseph Kornhäusel as a "temple of war glory" . It is dedicated to the dead of the Battle of Aspern. The tombs inside contain the bodies of five soldiers from that battle.

Seegrotte7.47km from Laxenburg Castle Park

The Seegrotte, near Hinterbrühl, Austria, is a cave system with a large grotto located under a former gypsum mine. It is a series of underground canals that make up Europe’s largest subterranean lake and was created by the same flood that shut down the mine. This is one of the most interesting sights in Austria and has been very popular with visitors of all ages for more than 80 years.

Fontana Golf Club
Fontana Golf Club10.62km from Laxenburg Castle Park

Fontana Leisure Parks, one of Pampanga’s golf courses, was built in 2012. This unique establishment has found very early success as it is such a young course. It sits within one of today’s largest and modernized leisure parks in the country. The short 9-hole course has only 1,896 yards was designed over rolling terrains, which helps to add a bit of challenge to the course even if you are not a beginner.

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