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Burg Rappottenstein - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Rappottenstein 85, 3911 Rappottenstein, Austria

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About Burg Rappottenstein

Burg Rappottenstein is a castle in Rappottenstein, Lower Austria, Austria. The castle lies in the heart of the extensive Kuenring land holdings, serving as a stable anchor in turbulent times. It also protected the ancient route from the Danube across the Nordwald and on toward Bohemia.

Attractions Near Burg Rappottenstein

Ottensteiner Stausee
Ottensteiner Stausee17.37km from Burg Rappottenstein

The Ottenstein reservoir is the highest of the three Kamp reservoirs in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel and a popular leisure and excursion destination. Downstream are the Dobra reservoir and the Thurnberger reservoir. The reservoir is a popular destination, especially in summer, and stimulates tourism in the region. There are numerous cycling, hiking and horseback riding trails along the wooded banks.

Kamp25.22km from Burg Rappottenstein

The Kamp is a 168-kilometre-long river in northern Austria, left tributary of the Danube. The source of the Kamp is on the border of Lower Austria and Upper Austria, near the town Liebenau, in the Mühlviertel. It flows generally east through Rappottenstein, Zwettl, Krumau am Kamp, Gars am Kamp and Langenlois. An iconic picnic location and also trekking is possible.

Jauerling26.87km from Burg Rappottenstein

The Jauerling is a mountain in the southeastern Waldviertel region of Lower Austria . At 960 m above sea level A. it is the highest point in the Wachau . The summit region is flat and plateau-like, so that two points reach the height of 960 m above sea level. A. reach, but summit crosses were erected in other places. AS good trekking destination and also it offers nice views too.

Blockheide-Eibenstein Nature Park
Blockheide-Eibenstein Nature Park30.52km from Burg Rappottenstein

The Blockheide is a protected area near Gmünd in northwestern Waldviertel in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. It is a varied heather landscape including meadows, mixed woods, small lakes and small fields.It is famous for its far-flung giant granite blocks, among them some Rocking stones.A nature park with the name Naturpark Blockheide-Eibenstein has been established in the area.

Johannesweg30.59km from Burg Rappottenstein

The Johannesweg is a supraregional hiking and pilgrimage route in the lower Mühlviertel. The 84 km long Johannesweg trail, laid out as a circular hiking trail, leads through seven communities in the Freistadt district.  It is designed as a meditation path, the course of which is modeled on the outline of a lily , and is equipped with 12 meditation locations for text passages from the Gospel of John.

Schlossplatz31.1km from Burg Rappottenstein

A majestic castle near the Wachau valley in Lower Austria, in the community of Artstetten-Pöbring. Formerly used as a summer residence by members of the Habsburg dynasty, the castle is now the final resting place of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his morganatic wife Sophie. It also houses the Archduke Franz Ferdinand Museum.

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Lower Austria
Lower Austria
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Lower Austria is one of the nine states of Austria, located in the northeastern corner of the country. It offers an incredible variety of nature and culture. With a land area of 19,186 km2 and a population of 1.612 million people, Lower Austria is the country’s largest state; it is second-most populous after the federal state of Vienna. Other main cities are Amstetten, Krems an der Donau and Wiener Neustadt.