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Semmering Pass - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

2680 Semmering Pass, Austria

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About Semmering Pass

The Semmering is a mountain pass in the Eastern Northern Limestone Alps that forms a natural border between Lower Austria and Styria.The Semmering Pass is featured on a famous commemorative coin: the 25 euro 150 Years of the Semmering Alpine Railway Coin. The Semmering ski resort, which also hosts World Cup events, is located at the pass and extends on to the Hirschenkogel mountain.

Attractions Near Semmering Pass

Semmeringbahn0.16km from Semmering Pass

The Semmeringbahn was an incredible feat of engineering and it took more than 20,000 workers’ years to complete. It is commonly referred to as the world's first true mountain railway, given the very difficult terrain and the considerable altitude difference that was mastered during its construction. It is still fully functional as a part of the Southern Railway which is operated by the Austrian Federal Railways.

Zauberberg Semmering
Zauberberg Semmering0.18km from Semmering Pass

The ski resort Zauberberg Semmering is located in the District of Neunkirchen, Lower Austria. It is approximately midway between Vienna and Graz, about one hundred kilometres from each. This is a very small ski resort with just three ski lifts but it does boast a respectable 355 metres of vertical descent. Zauberg Semmering has 14 kilometers of pistes. We have no information about the existence of any cross country ski trails at Zauberg Semmering.

Stuhleck8.09km from Semmering Pass

Stuhleck is a mountain in Steiermark, Austria. It is the highest mountain of the Fischbach Alps and of the Prealps east of the Mur. It is a grassy mountain with gentle slopes, although its lower slopes are heavily wooded. With the summit being above the treeline, it offers fine views of some of the higher alpine ranges to the west.

Preiner Gscheid Pass
Preiner Gscheid Pass9.2km from Semmering Pass

Preiner Gscheid Pass is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Lower Austria. The pass connects Kapellen and Reichenau an der Rax. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and offers beautiful views of this area.

Rax Cableway
Rax Cableway9.4km from Semmering Pass

A beautiful cable way starting at Hirschwang at the north-eastern foot of the mountains and the first in Austria (construction began in 1925), takes visitors to the extensive, high plateau of the Rax at a height of about 1,500 m. This area is a particular favourite with hikers from Lower Austria and Vienna. The steep sides of the plateau offer climbing tours of various difficulty.

Hochwechsel13.1km from Semmering Pass

A beautiful low mountain range in eastern Austria. The massif forms the border between the states of Lower Austria and Styria for about 15 km, southeast of the Semmering and northeast of the Graz Basin, between the Feistritz Saddle and the eponymous pass of Wechsel. It is one of the iconic trekking destination in this area and also in winter it offers skii options too.

Where is Semmering Pass

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A beautiful state in Austria. It is called as The green heart of Austria is known for its variety of different types of landscapes. Styria has 788 mountains higher than 2000 metres. There is an inexhaustible spectrum of outdoor activities to choose from. No matter if it’s summer or winter, most people will find their favourite past time. The state largely forested state has 7 natural parks and one national park.