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Maa Bhairavi Temple - Things to Know Before Visiting

Redhakhol - Boudh - Phulbani Rd, Puranakatak, Odisha 762013, India

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About Maa Bhairavi Temple

Goddess Bhairabi is the presiding deity of the place. Previously the deity was being worshipped in a thatched hut, but recently a local businessman has constructed a temple.GoddessBhairabi was the presiding deity of the then Samanta Raja SarangadharaMahapatra, who was the Samanta Raja of the last King of Brahmin dynasty of the 10th century AD, late Raja GandhamardanaDev of Dhrutipura of Gandharadi.Durga Puja festival is observed here for 16 days.

Attractions Near Maa Bhairavi Temple

Deulajhari14.75km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

Deulajhari is the ancient citadel of Shaivisam. This attractive place is having 24 acres (9.7 ha) and 55 decimals of land and covered with indigenous- pandanus forest(kiabana). It is mainly famous for hot spring and a very old ancient Shiva Shree Siddeswar Baba temple. There are 24 hot springs around the temple although temple records say that once there were 84 such hot water springs.

Putudi Waterfall.Phulbani
Putudi Waterfall.Phulbani25.94km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

A famous waterfall in the state settled close to Phulbani, a town in Kandhamal district. The water that flows down Putudi Waterfall blends with the famous river of Odisha, Bada Saluki and offers a panoramic view to its visitors. This waterfall which is surrounded by forests and mountains is among those tourism places that promote tourism in Odisha and pull in international travelers.

Rameswar Temple, Boudh
Rameswar Temple, Boudh26.78km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

A group of three temples of Siva at Boudh town called the Ramswara or Ramanatha Temples, dating back to the 8th Century AD are reputed for their special feature. Archeological Survey of India has preserved this temple.

Subarnameru Temple
Subarnameru Temple57.83km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

Subarnameru Temple, an ancient Hindu pilgrimage centre dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine enshrines a Sivalingam within a circular yonipitha, installed inside the sanctum sanctorum or Garbhagriha.

Patali Shri Khetra
Patali Shri Khetra66.87km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

Patali Srikhetra is a famous place with significant historical importance for Subarnapur district and Odisha. This religious place is associated with Shaktism, Buddhism and Vaishnavism. It is located in the foot of Trikut Hill at Kotsamalai of the Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district, Odisha, India.

Jagannath Temple Kandhamal
Jagannath Temple Kandhamal71.5km from Maa Bhairavi Temple

This is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the district of Kandhamal.

Where is Maa Bhairavi Temple

Discover More Attractions in Boudh, Where Maa Bhairavi Temple Is Located

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A district in Odisha with a lot of historical significance.