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Staufensee - Things to Know Before Visiting

Staufensee, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Staufensee

The Staufensee reservoir is an artificial reservoir and short-term storage with around 120,000 to 130,000 m³ of usable volume. This corresponds roughly to the mean water discharge of the Ebniter Ache in one day. Several natural and artificial tributaries flow into the Staufensee. The water for the Staufensee reservoir comes from the residual water from the Ebensand power plant, the Älpelegraben, the Dornbirner Ache, the Tüfgraben and the Trestorengraben.

Attractions Near Staufensee

Rappenlochschlucht0.51km from Staufensee

The Rappenloch Gorge is an approx. 500 m long gorge in Dornbirn in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg It has been bridged since 1791 to create a road to Ebnit. From August 2021 to - planned - summer 2022, a new road alignment will be built on the fifth Rappenloch Bridge in chronological order. It is traversed by the Dornbirner Ach northwards, which previously flows through the Alplochklamm.

Alplochschlucht0.64km from Staufensee

The Alplochschlucht is a natural gorge in the field of Austrian city of Dornbirn in Vorarlberg . It was formed by a mountain breakthrough of the Dornbirner Ach and is still traversed by this. The gorge is passable on a wooden walkway for pedestrians. The Ebensand power plant with the Staufensee reservoir is located at the mouth of the Alploch Gorge . Then the Dornbirner Ach flows again through a striking gorge, the Rappenloch Gorge .

Rolls-Royce Museum
Rolls-Royce Museum1.19km from Staufensee

The Rolls-Royce Automobile Museum is based on the automobile collection of Franz and Hilde Vonier. This museum was born from the dream of the two founders and their lifelong passion. visitors can experience high-quality Rolls-Royce vehicles and legendary aircraft with Rolls-Royce engines up close on an area of ​​around 5,000 square meters. The museum now focuses on its more special exhibits, and plans to present a new theme each year.

Staufen2.15km from Staufensee

The Staufen is a 1465 metre high mountain in the very western part of Austria. The mountaintop splits the two bordering cities, Dornbirn and Hohenems. The Staufen is connected to the Karren, which belongs to the city of Dornbirn. A good trekking destination and also it offers nice views of the nature from here.

Karren2.2km from Staufensee

A majestic mountain within the city bounds of Dornbirn, in Western Austria. A cable car goes to the top of the mountain. The summit station includes a panorama restaurant with an expansive view of Switzerland and Germany and the Rhine Valley.

Hochälpele3.58km from Staufensee

The Hochälpelekopf is a mountain in the Bregenzerwaldgebirge near Dornbirn and at 1463 m above sea level. A. the highest point in the Bödele region. It forms an elongated mountain ridge running in a north-south direction. A good trekiing destination and also it offers nice views too.

Where is Staufensee

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Vorarlberg is the westernmost federal state of Austria, sharing borders with the countries of Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland and the Austrian federal-state of Tyrol. Vorarlberg also enjoys a small window on Lake Constance via the city of Bregenz. It is the richest and most well-to-do province of Austria outside Vienna. For its size, it offers a lot of diverse landscapes including everything Tyrol has to offer with the exception of a large city.