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Bielerhöhe Pass - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Bielerhöhe Pass, 6794 Gaschurn, Austria

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About Bielerhöhe Pass

A high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.071m above the sea level, located in the Austrian Alps between the Bundesländer of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The pass connects Montafon and the Paznaun valley. The pass is traversed by the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße High Alpine Road. Due to its exposed location the road is closed to normal traffic in winter at which time it can be reached only by cable car from Partenen.

Attractions Near Bielerhöhe Pass

Silvretta Stausee
Silvretta Stausee1.3km from Bielerhöhe Pass

The Silvretta reservoir is located in the Austrian Alps in the state of Vorarlberg in the Silvretta group. Situated at the highest point of the Silvretta High-Alpine Road, the Silvretta reservoir is one of the most impressive artificial lakes of the Tyrolean Alps. Open to the public since 1954, it is one of the region’s most popular attractions. It features three dams and is used to generate electricity for the surrounding region.

Silvretta-Bielerhöhe1.32km from Bielerhöhe Pass

A paradise for friends of nature and the fascinating mountain world. It connects Vorarlberg with the Paznauntal in Tyrol and offers diverse recreational opportunities in the summer and winter alike. At 2,032 m above sea level, it opens you up to completely new perspectives.

Vermuntsee3.55km from Bielerhöhe Pass

The Vermuntsee is located at the end of the Montafon valley , in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg , at an altitude of 1743 m above sea level. A. It is bounded in the south by the glaciated Litzner - Seehorn group, in the east by the mountain range of the Kresperspitze and in the west by the Hochmaderer .

Stausee Kops
Stausee Kops6.14km from Bielerhöhe Pass

The Kops reservoir is located in the Austrian Alps in the state of Vorarlberg on the border between Silvretta and Verwall . It has a usable capacity of 42.9 million cubic meters , which corresponds to an energy content of 127.45 million kilowatt hours. The Kops reservoir can be reached on foot or by bike through the Ganifer via an extremely steep, narrow road from Partenen in Montafon , which is closed to general vehicle traffic .

Wiegensee6.44km from Bielerhöhe Pass

The Wiegensee is located northeast of the district of Partenen in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg in the municipality of Gaschurn . At the foot of the Versalspitze , at an altitude of 1925 m above sea level. A. located, the lake can only be reached on foot.The nutrient-poor moor lake is situated within the 65 hectares large FFH - area Wiegensee.

Dreiländerspitze8.09km from Bielerhöhe Pass

The Dreiländerspitze is 3197 m above sea level. A. the highest mountain in the Dreiländerspitzgruppe in the Silvretta , a mountain range in the central eastern Alps. It is a favourite viewpoint, due to its position and accessibility. A good trekking destination too.

Where is Bielerhöhe Pass

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Vorarlberg is the westernmost federal state of Austria, sharing borders with the countries of Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland and the Austrian federal-state of Tyrol. Vorarlberg also enjoys a small window on Lake Constance via the city of Bregenz. It is the richest and most well-to-do province of Austria outside Vienna. For its size, it offers a lot of diverse landscapes including everything Tyrol has to offer with the exception of a large city.