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20 Attractions to Explore Near Seebad Illmitz

Seebad Illmitz
Seebad IllmitzSeebad, 7142 Illmitz, Austria

A beautiful location for a picnic and also a naturally blessed location where you can spend some beautiful time.. A large sunbathing lawn, restaurants, sailing, pedal and rowing boat rentals, as well as a well-tended volleyball court and pentanque courts await you. The bicycle ferry starts right next to the lido and takes you to the other side of the bank to Mörbisch am See.

Nearby Attractions

Nationalpark Neusiedler See - Seewinkel Informationszentrum auf der Hauswiese

The Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park impresses with its incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Nestled between the last foothills of the Alps and the Little Hungarian Plain, you will find an incomparable mosaic of meadows, salt lakes and, last but not least, the Neusiedler See with its reed belt. The national park was founded in 1993 and attracts thousands of visitors every year with its dense network of trails and optimal infrastructure.

Unterer Stinkersee
Unterer Stinkersee6.10 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

Unterer Stinkersee is a water feature in Burgenland and has an elevation of 111 metres. Even if the lake only offers minimal tourist potential, it is of course worth visiting the region: There are numerous other lakes around the Unterer Stinkersee that are characterized by their high recreational value.

Fischerkirche7.31 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

A former Roman Catholic fortified church and was dedicated to St. Pancras and St. Consecrated to Aegidius . The former church is now almost exclusively used for museum and cultural purposes. It is located on a slight hill in the southwest part of Old Town. The building is surrounded by a church yard, which used to be a cemetery, and a defensive wall.

Darscho7.45 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Darscho is a salt varnish in the Austrian Seewinkel in Burgenland. The body of water is part of the UNESCO World Heritage area of ​​the Fertő / Neusiedler See cultural landscape . Above all, various water birds, sandpipers, seagulls and herons can be observed here. [2] The remote, small steppe is also namesake of wines from the vineyards of the area.

Oberer Stinkersee
Oberer Stinkersee7.59 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Oberer Stinkersee is a lake near Podersdorf am See.The lake can be reached from the surrounding towns of Illmitz (about 5 km from the lake), Apetlon and Apetlon. Even if the lake offers at best little tourist potential, a visit to the region is of course worthwhile: There are numerous other lakes around the Upper Stinkersee, which are characterized by a high recreational value.

Traktorbahn8.83 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

An iconic attraction, which is high up on a real vintage tractor, this track is fun for all hobby tractor drivers. With the sound of the old-timer engine, guests feel like a farmer working the field with a powerful machine. Two children and two adults have comfortable and safe seats in the driver's cab and can enjoy the journey through many bends up and downhill.

Familypark Neusiedlersee
Familypark Neusiedlersee8.95 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The largest amusement park in Austria offers fun and adventure for the whole family on an area of ​​145,000 m². The family park in St. Margarethen is located in the middle of the natural Rust hill country and is a popular destination in the holiday region around Lake Neusiedl. 30 attractions in four lovingly designed themed worlds - the adventure castle, the fairy tale forest, the farm and the adventure island ensure a lot of variety and great driving fun at all ages.

Maerchenpark Neusiedlersee
Maerchenpark Neusiedlersee9.14 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

Austria's largest amusement park is located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Neusiedl . A destination for the whole family. It offers fun and adventure for the whole family on an area of ​​145,000 m².

Lange Lacke
Lange Lacke9.53 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Lange Lacke is the largest saline than 40 paints in Burgenland Seewinkel , a few kilometers northeast of Apetlon located. It is fed exclusively by rainwater and, depending on the weather, its dimensions vary between more than 10 km² and complete drying out. The Lange Lacke, which is up to 1 m deep, is a paradise for water birds and an important part of the Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park .

Hölzlstein12.35 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Hölzlstein is a 10 by 20 meter large limestone with a height of 157 meters, in the cadastral community of Oggau and forms part of the Rust foothills. The rock is a prehistoric sea reef and dates from the time when the area was still below sea level. From a geological point of view, the Hölzlstein is a Leithakalkklippe, which consists of tertiary sand-lime stone, which comes to the surface at its highest point in the form of a small, widely visible rock formation.

Zicksee12.76 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Zicksee is a small steppe lake in the Seewinkel southeast of Vienna . The water contains soda and it is said to have healing properties. It lies between Lake Neusiedl and the Hungarian border and is partially covered by reeds. All around the Zicksee there are gravel and gravel vineyards.The muddy bottom of the lake contains a lot of sulfur, Glauber's salt and soda , known by the people as "Zick". Hence the name of the lake comes from.

Windmühle12.87 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The only mill that is still fully preserved today and has been restored to the public is located here, in Podersdorf am See. The windmill is around 160 years old, has been a listed building for around 60 years and is still privately owned by the Lentsch family.

Steppentierpark Pamhagen
Steppentierpark Pamhagen12.98 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Pamhagen steppe park is surrounded by an unspoilt natural landscape. The enclosures for the animals that are at home in the steppe animal park can be found on the area of ​​more than 13 hectares. If you walk along the winding paths, you can see one or the other rare animal. The wolf sneaks through its large enclosure, steppe cattle graze comfortably and the gentle baroque donkeys impress with their white fur.

Podersdorf Lighthouse
Podersdorf Lighthouse13.44 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The lighthouse Podersdorf at the main pier, located exactly in the middle of the seaside resort, was built as a point of orientation and for storm warnings for water sports enthusiasts in the course of the redesign of the 2 km long lido. It is one of the few lighthouses in the Republic of Austria and at the same time one of the southernmost lighthouses in the entire German-speaking area.

Jakobsweg Burgenland
Jakobsweg Burgenland16.31 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Jakobsweg Burgenland is an approximately 55 kilometer long branch of the Austrian Jakobsweg network that runs mainly in Burgenland and partly in Lower Austria. The trail, which has been signposted from Frauenkirchen since 2013, takes on a variant of the Jakobsweg in Halbturn that comes from Hungary , leaves Burgenland between Neusiedl am See and Bruck an der Leitha and joins the Austrian Jakobsweg in Haslau-Maria Ellend.

Naturpark Rosalia-Kogelberg
Naturpark Rosalia-Kogelberg17.63 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park, is the youngest nature park in Burgenland and has a lot to offer. Characterized by the ridges of the Rosalien and Ödenburger Mountains as well as the extensive Wulkatal, numerous orchards, dry grasslands, reed ponds and forests form a magnificent, richly structured landscape.

Schloss Deutschkreutz
Schloss Deutschkreutz18.63 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

A magnificent renaissance castle consisting of a mighty four-wing building with two-story courtyard arcades and corner towers. There is stucco work to see the castle chapel with old frescoes , furniture and tapestries . The long-time owner Anton Lehmden ran a painting exhibition in the castle. The castle in its current form was built in 1625 by Paul Nádasdy, who also had the chapel built in 1632.

Landesgalerie Burgenland
Landesgalerie Burgenland19.17 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

The Landesgalerie Burgenland, is a venue for modern and contemporary art in all its forms: fine arts, plastic and sculpture, installations and media art. Changing exhibitions - work shows of individual artists, themed exhibitions and collaborative exhibitions with other, also international institutions - contribute to the diversity in the Landesgalerie Burgenland.

Haydn-Haus19.47 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

Situated in a house dating from the early 18th century, this museum dedicated to Haydn was where the great composer lived from 1766 to 1778. Probably one for Haydn fans only, the collection offers an insight into his private life and has reconstructed rooms with furniture from the era. Original portraits cover the walls, and there are some rare exhibits such as a fortepiano that was made in Eisenstadt.

Esterházy Palace
Esterházy Palace19.63 KMs away from Seebad Illmitz

Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria and presents a fascinating view of the resplendent life once lived at the court of the Princes Esterházy. The architectural history of the building involves a transition from an actual medieval castle, built for defense, to a palace meant for comfort and ostentatious display.