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Schlögener Blick - Things to Know Before Visiting

4083 Haibach ob der Donau, Austria

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About Schlögener Blick

The Schlögener Schlinge is a river loop in the upper Danube valley in Upper Austria. The southern shore is located in the municipality of Haibach ob der Donau and its district Schlögen, which gives the loop the name. In the north, the municipalities of Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis border with the village Au and in the far east Niederkappel with the village Grafenau in the area of ​​the Danube River.

Attractions Near Schlögener Blick

Baumkronenweg15.7km from Schlögener Blick

The impressive wooden structure extends through the treetops of the Sauwald over a length of more than 1,000 meters and up to 15 meters above the forest floor. Experience with your whole family on a circular route in lofty heights unique perspectives in untouched nature. At over 30 adventure stations along the way, you can playfully explore the flora and fauna of the forest in a guided tour or on your own.

Ristorante Danubio Kg
Ristorante Danubio Kg24.38km from Schlögener Blick

Ciclabile del Danubio is a long-distance cycle path that starts from the source of the Danube and reaches its mouth in the Black Sea . The Danube cycle path runs for the most part on both banks of the river, although in part it is present on only one bank, so that during the journey it is necessary to cross the Danube several times. The cycle path follows an ancient Roman roadalong the Danube limes which connected the stations, castles and fortifications up to the Danube Delta .

Zoo Schmiding
Zoo Schmiding 26.06km from Schlögener Blick

Schmiding Zoo is a zoo at Schloss Schmiding, a castle in Upper Austria. The zoo displays the largest walk-through aviary in the world and it also includes an aquarium, der Aquazoo, which is Austria's largest marine aquarium. There are also so many interesting displays to see and also it is an iconic attraction in this area.

Grottenbahn30.08km from Schlögener Blick

The Linzer Grottenbahn is a touristic fairytale world on the Pöstlingberg in one of the fortification towers of the Maximilian fortification ring of the city. An electrically powered train in the shape of a dragon called Lenzibald travels on a circular path through the outer ring of the historic fortified tower. During two tours, the niches on the left and the right are illuminated, in which adventures from the dwarf kingdom are depicted. A final passage takes place with festival lighting.

Pöstlingberg30.24km from Schlögener Blick

A beautiful hill which was on the left bank of the Danube in the city of Linz, Austria. It is a popular tourist destination, with a viewing platform over the city, and is the site of the Pöstlingberg pilgrimage church, and the Linz Grottenbahn. A good trekking destination and also it offers various opportunities to explore this hill.

Pöstlingbergbahn Bergstation
Pöstlingbergbahn Bergstation30.25km from Schlögener Blick

Pöstlingbergbahn is the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, creates a harmonious combination of nostalgia and modernity through its design. In only 20 minutes, starting from Hauptplatz, its climbs Linz's local mountain. Opened in 1898, for 110 years the metre-gauge railway ran from a terminal station in Linz's Urfahr neighbourhood, located across from the terminus of urban tram route 3, to Pöstlingberg.

Where is Schlögener Blick

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