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Pyhrn Pass - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Pyhrn Pass, 4582, Austria

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About Pyhrn Pass

Pyhrn Pass is a mountain pass in the Austrian Alps between the Austrian states of Upper Austria and Styria. Since the middle of the 1980s, traffic on the pass has been reduced by the opening of the Bosruck Tunnel for the A9 Pyhrn Autobahn. There has also been a railway tunnel since the nineteenth century. Since the road tunnel was built, the road has not been cleared regularly in winter, and there is a weight limit for trucking.

Attractions Near Pyhrn Pass

Bosruck3.11km from Pyhrn Pass

The Bosruck is at 1992 m above sea level. A. Height of the westernmost mountain in the Ennstal Alps on the border between Upper Austria and Styria . It is separated from the main ridge of the Haller Walls by the Pyhrgasgatterl and forms its own, ridge-like mountain stock made of limestone. In front of the Bosruck on the ridge to the west are the peaks Lahnerkogel and Kitzstein , to the east is the Frauenmauer .

Dr. Vogelgesang Klamm
Dr. Vogelgesang Klamm4.62km from Pyhrn Pass

A wild and romantic rock canyon with a doctorate - longest gorge in Upper Austria and second longest gorge in Austria! Experience the natural spectacle of falling water in the longest gorge in Upper Austria with a length of over 1.5 km and 500 wooden and stone steps. The gorge is also the starting point for the approx. 5-hour 3-hut hike

Warscheneck5.33km from Pyhrn Pass

Warscheneck is a mountain of the Totes Gebirge in the Eastern Alps, in Upper Austria. It is located near the town of Liezen, and is a popular mountain for hiking in the summer and ski touring in the winter.

Gleinkersee6.03km from Pyhrn Pass

A beautiful lake located in the Upper Austria and it is an iconic picnic location and also there are so many other options for leisure too.

Großer Pyhrgas
Großer Pyhrgas6.51km from Pyhrn Pass

The Große Pyhrgas is a mountain in the Ennstal Alps on the border between Upper Austria and Styria. At a height of 2,244 m above sea level. it is the highest summit and western buttress of the Haller Mauern range. Alpine huts on the Großer Pyhrgas are, on the Upper Austrian side, the Hofalm Hut (1,305 m), the Rohrauerhaus and the Bosruck Hut.

Stiftweg Nord
Stiftweg Nord13.66km from Pyhrn Pass

A majestic Benedictine monastery located on the Enns River. It is the oldest remaining monastery in Styria and it contains the largest monastic library in the world as well as a long-established scientific collection. It is known for its Baroque architecture, art, and manuscripts.

Where is Pyhrn Pass

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