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Akshardham - Things to Know Before Visiting

Noida Mor, Pandav Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, India

Hindu Temples

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About Akshardham

Akshardham is a Hindu temple and aspritual Cultural compelx in Delhi, India. the complex displays millennia of traditional Indian and hindu culture, spirituality and architecture.

Attractions Near Akshardham

Waste to Wonder Theme Park
Waste to Wonder Theme Park3.07km from Akshardham

Part of Waste To Art Project taken up by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the park showcases replicas of the seven wonders of the world, made from tons of metal and rubber wastes.

Purana Qila
Purana Qila3.29km from Akshardham

One does not have to go far to see the old fort or Purana Quila standing stoically amidst wild greenery. Built on the site of the most ancient of the numerous cities of Delhi, Indraprastha. Purana Quila is roughly rectangular in shape having a circuit of nearly two kilometers.

Humayun’s Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb3.37km from Akshardham

This tomb for the great Humayun was built in 1570, is of particular cultural significance as it was the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent. It inspired several major architectural innovations, culminating in the construction of the Taj Mahal.

Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India3.85km from Akshardham

Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial court and the final court of appeal under the Constitution of India. the highest constitutional court, with the power of Judicial review

Raj Ghat
Raj Ghat4.12km from Akshardham

Raj Ghat (meaning "Royal Steps") is a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi. It is a black marble platform that marks the spot of Mahatma Gandhi's cremation on 31 January 1948, a day after his assassination.

Veer Bhumi
Veer Bhumi4.26km from Akshardham

The Veer Bhumi (land of braves) is a memorial dedicated to the youngest prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi's last rituals and religious rites were conducted at Vir Bhoomi where he was cremated and a Memorial site was established in his honor to commemorate the life of this young leader of the nation.

Where is Akshardham

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Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India. Through most of its history, Delhi has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires. Under the Delhi Sultanate, it was an Imperial City.