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Drumskinny Stone Circle - Things to Know Before Visiting

Enniskillen, Co. Northern Ireland, BT93 1JX, Ireland

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About Drumskinny Stone Circle

Drumskinny is the site of a stone circle in the townland of Drumskinny, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. This stone circle is part of a complex of five in this immediate locality, dating back to the new stone age, 2250 B.C. The purpose of the circle, made up of 39 stones and a small round cairn, is unknown but probably involved that of religious practices, astronomical observations and calendar functions.

Attractions Near Drumskinny Stone Circle

Lough Bradan
Lough Bradan6.11km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

A beautiful lake located in the heart of Fermanagh and also it is one of the bea tufiul picnic location and also there are so many opportunities for adventures too.

Ardess Parish Church
Ardess Parish Church7.75km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

A majestic churhc which was located in the heart of Fermanagh and it is an ancient church which has a long history to say.

Old Castle Archdale
Old Castle Archdale10.91km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

Old Castle Archdale lies on a cliff in a forest, which was built in 1615 by John Archdale, an English planter from Suffolk. The castle was built on a T-plan with a defensive bawn 66 feet by 64 feet and 15 feet high with 2 flankers on its northern corners. This area of Fermanagh has a significant number of plantation castles that were built when lands seized by crown forces were redistributed or sold at very attractive rates to planters from both Scotland and England.

White Island
White Island10.94km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

White Island is an island in Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh. The ruins of an ancient church are found near the shore, built on the site of an earlier monastic settlement. It still has an intact arched Romanesque doorway. The island is best known for its eight carved figures that sit in a line along the interior north wall of the church. Most were carved between 800 and 1000 A.D. The island is accessed by ferry from the marina in Castle Archdale Country Park, near Irvinestown.

Boa Island
Boa Island11.75km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

Boa Island is an island near the north shore of Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It is the largest island in Lough Erne, approximately 8 km long, and relatively narrow. It features a counterscarp rath as well as carved stones, graveyard and enclosure, all in Dreenan townland and all Scheduled Historic Monuments. The oldest stone monument on the island is a denuded cairn at Inishkeeragh Bridge near the southern tip of the island.

St Patrick's Purgatory
St Patrick's Purgatory11.76km from Drumskinny Stone Circle

St Patrick's Purgatory is an ancient pilgrimage site on Station Island in Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland. According to legend, the site dates from the fifth century, when Christ showed Saint Patrick a cave, sometimes referred to as a pit or a well, on Station Island that was an entrance to Purgatory. Its importance in medieval times is clear from the fact that it is mentioned in texts from as early as 1185 and shown on maps from all over Europe as early as the fifteenth century.

Where is Drumskinny Stone Circle

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County Fermanagh is one of the thirty-two counties of Ireland, one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, and one of the nine counties of Ulster. It is Northern Ireland’s westernmost county and covers an area of 1,691 km². Its capital is Enniskillen housing the tourist attractions Enniskillen Castle, Cole's Monument, the Ardhowen Theatre, and St. Martin's Cathedral.