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Donegal Railway Heritage Centre - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

The Old Station House, Tyrconnell St, Milltown, Donegal, Ireland

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About Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Donegal Railway Heritage Centre is considered one of the county’s hidden gems andToday, it operates as a visitor attraction comprising a museum, information centre and shop. This fascinating museum which has just been refurbished, celebrating Donegal’s railway heritage, is based in one of the few remaining original station houses, which opened in 1889.

Attractions Near Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Donegal Castle
Donegal Castle0.26km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Donegal Castle was once one of the most important strongholds for one of Ireland’s most powerful clans. The castle consists of a 15th-century rectangular keep with a later Jacobean style wing. The complex is sited on a bend in the River Eske, near the mouth of Donegal Bay, and is surrounded by a 17th-century boundary wall. There is a small gatehouse at its entrance mirroring the design of the keep.

Famine Graveyard
Famine Graveyard0.45km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

This old graveyard known as the Famine Graveyard and also the Paupers Graveyard is the site of the burials of victims of the Great Irish Famine 1845-1849 and of the poor generally. There are no marked graves. There are probably hundreds of people buried here, possibly a thousand or more. It lay nearby the old Donegal Town Workhouse. A lone cross and a few plaques commemorate the burials.

Lough Eske
Lough Eske6.27km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Lough Eske is a small lake in County Donegal in the west of Ulster in Ireland. The lake lies to the northeast of Donegal Town, to which it is connected by the River Eske. The lake is about 900 acres in size and is surrounded to the north, east and west by the Bluestack Mountains, which occupy much of southern County Donegal.

Mountcharles Pier
Mountcharles Pier6.94km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Mountcharles Pier is set within a small expanse of flat land, densely populated on the rising ground immediately behind it by a dense field structure. The area was originally known as Tamhnach an tSalainn. This refers to a salt mine in the area. It was renamed Mount Charles by the local 17th century landlord Charles Conyngham after himself. Charles Conyngham was a direct ancestor of the current Lord Henry Mountcharles of Slane Castle in County Meath famous for it’s music festivals.

Bluestack10.87km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Bluestack Mountains, also called the Croaghgorms, are the major mountain range in the south of County Donegal, Ireland. They provide a barrier between the south of the county, such as Donegal Town and Ballyshannon, and the towns to the north and west such as Dungloe and Letterkenny. The road between the two parts of the county goes through the Barnesmore Gap. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also offers beautiful views too.

Barnesmore Gap
Barnesmore Gap12.55km from Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

Barnesmore Gap is that big opening between Croaghconnelagh and Croaghonagh mountains . Here in this very fine mountain pass the traveller is absolutely shut in between these two great hills as he wends his way along a really excellent road that traverses the gap. It is an area of complex geology, but its main feature is granite formed in the Devonian period, 400million ears ago. The gap held glaciers in the Last Glacial Period flowing to the Atlantic through what is now Donegal Bay.

Where is Donegal Railway Heritage Centre

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County Donegal
County Donegal
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County Donegal is a county of Ireland in the province of Ulster. From the hills of Donegal to the Wild Atlantic Way Coastline. You will be spoiled for choice of Adventure, good food and much more. The vast Derryveagh Mountains rule the raw landscape, explore its walking trails and visit the shores of Lough Eske. Find some of Ireland's best beaches here and make time for the white sand of Portsalon Beach.