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Shri Kamlabhavani Temple - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Shri Kamlabhavani Mandir, Devicha Mal Temple, Karmala, Maharashtra 413203, India

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About Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

There is a significance of no. 96 for the temple. The Kamala Bhavani Temple is built by Rao Raje Nimbalkar in 1727. It is considered to be the second seat of Tulajapur Tulaja Bhavani. Built in Hemdpanthi style, the temple has entry doors in East South and North directions. The uniqueness of this temple architecture is, the temple is having well of 96 steps. The temple is constructed with 96 pillars. The temple top consists of 96 pictures and 96 ‘overyas’. Navaratra festival is celebrated with gr

Attractions Near Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary
Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary33.45km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

In Maharashtra, blackbucks are seen only in Rehekuri Wildlife Sanctuary. Initially, when the wildlife sanctuary was formed, the population of blackbuck was hardly 15. And to one's astonishment, the current no of blackbucks are 400. Blackbucks in Maharashtra are referred as 'kalvit' and the male blackbuck easily stands out from among a group of antelopes for its long spiral horns roaming in the grasslands.

Fort of Kharda
Fort of Kharda37.8km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

This is a historical fort in Kharda, which commemorates the Battle of Kharda. A huge fort with architectural wonders and a lot of history to say.

Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Temple
Shree Lakshmi Narasimha Temple48.95km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

This is a temple dedicated to the Lord Narasimha, Avatar of Vishnu. located in the Pune district. A historical temple with a lot of architectural works and have a lot of history to say.

KVK Baramati - Agri and Eco Tourism
KVK Baramati - Agri and Eco Tourism78.11km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

It is a part of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Baramati and Agriculture development trust. The place where you can learn advanced techniques and practices carried out in various crops in India and enjoy the vegetarian food and culture of Maharashtra.

Mohta Devi Mandir
Mohta Devi Mandir80.06km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

Shri Shetra Mohata Devi Gad is situated at Mohata which is 9 km from Pathardi Taluka and 70 km east of Ahmednagar. This holy place is dedicated to Shri Kulswamini Jagdamba Mohatadevi. Navratri is a major festival of the temple in the month of September/October.

Pandharpur81.33km from Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

Pandharpur is a well known pilgrimage town on the banks of Chandrabhanga river. There are so many temples are there in the bank of this river and surroundings.

Where is Shri Kamlabhavani Temple

Discover More Attractions in Solapur, Where Shri Kamlabhavani Temple Is Located

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The name Solapur is derived from two words ‘SOLA’ meaning sixteen and ‘PUR’ meaning village. The present city of Solapur was considered to be spread over sixteen villages.