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Kanheri Caves - Things to Know Before Visiting

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101, India

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About Kanheri Caves

This is a group of caves and rock cut monuments cut into a massive basaltic outcrop in the forests of the Sanjay Gandhi national park . They contain Buddhist sculptures , releif carvings, paintings and inscriptions dating from the first century BCE.

Attractions Near Kanheri Caves

Tulsi Lake
Tulsi Lake2.03km from Kanheri Caves

This is a freshwater lake in the northern Mumbai. It is stated to be the second largest lake in Mumbai and supplies part of the city's potable water.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park2.44km from Kanheri Caves

Sanjay Gandhi national park is a protected area near Mumbai. The rich flora and fauna of Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Tourists also enjoy visiting the 2400-year-old Kanheri caves sculpted out of the rocky cliffs which lie within the park.

 Film city
Film city5.22km from Kanheri Caves

Spread across a vast area of 520 acres, the Film City is comprised of about twenty indoor studios and is located in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. Film City is often regarded as a home of Bollywood. The place is so vast that about 1000 film sets can be erected here simultaneously.

Aarey Milk Colony
Aarey Milk Colony5.36km from Kanheri Caves

This falls in the Eco-sensitive region of the Sanjay Gandhi national park and is an urban, unclassed and degraded forest. It is classified as mixed moist deciduous type forest.

Vihar Lake
Vihar Lake5.76km from Kanheri Caves

It is located near Vihar village on the Mithi river within the precints of the Borivali national park. It was considered as the largest lakke in Mumbai in the SAlsette group of Islands.

Mahakali Caves
Mahakali Caves9.14km from Kanheri Caves

Mahakali Caves, also known as Kondivite Caves, are centuries old and are located in the western part of the city of Mumbai in Andheri. Mahakali Caves comprise a total of nineteen rock-cut monuments, built between 1st and 6th century. The main cave consists of Buddha figures and stupas and there are several Buddha idols carved on the rocks too.

Where is Kanheri Caves

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Mumbai Suburban
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This is the second smallest district of Maharashtra. Many important places have adorned the beauty of this district.