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Roodstown Castle - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Roodstown, Riverstown Cross, Co. Louth, Ireland

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About Roodstown Castle

This is the most prominent structure today in the townland. The castle overlooks the N33 and the River Dee and is an imposing feature in the landscape visible today from a number of surrounding roads including the N52 and N33. It was built in the 15th century, standing at a strategic point between the River Glyde, River Dee, Ardee and the Irish Sea. It is similar to, although taller than, the ten-pound castles built under Henry VI. It is locally associated with the Taaffe family.

Attractions Near Roodstown Castle

Ardee Castle
Ardee Castle3.91km from Roodstown Castle

Ardee Castle is significant for being the largest fortified medieval Tower House in Ireland.The Castle was built in the 15th century by John St. Leger and served as a stronghold for the defence of the Pale. Ardee Castle is the largest fortified medieval Tower House in Ireland or Britain. The castle was originally built by Roger de Peppard in 1207, but not much is left from the original walls.

Jumping Church
Jumping Church4.62km from Roodstown Castle

The Kildemock Jumping Church ruin is a popular attraction and is more famously known as the 'Jumping Church'. The west gable wall of the church has jumped inward to a few feet from its foundations. This is believed to have happened in February 1715 during a storm. However, according to legend, the west gable of the building jumped two feet inside the wall of the original foundation to exclude an excommunicated church member who had been buried in the church.

Athclare Castle
Athclare Castle8.61km from Roodstown Castle

Athclare Castle is typical of defensive residential architecture of the period. This sixteenth-century tower house was built by the Barnewell family and later extended in the seventeenth century, the plain extension is distinguished by the stocky tower to the east. Athclare has been extended and adapted in the centuries since its construction and is classified as a site of National social historical importance by the Irish National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.

Stephenstown Pond
Stephenstown Pond10.26km from Roodstown Castle

This is a unique nature park with water walkways, woodlands, and a wide array of wildlife. The facility provides an ideal family day out where you can have fun in the newly enlarged playground, enjoy a picnic or feed the ducks and other wildlife.

Dunmahon Castle
Dunmahon Castle10.39km from Roodstown Castle

Dunmahon Castle is a four storey tower house with a vaulted ceiling over the ground floor. The stairs are in the north eastern corner, with the garderobes in the north west of the tower. It is situated on farmland near Gibston. It can be seen from the M1 motorway and from the Dublin to Belfast railway line.

Clochafarmore Standing Stone (Chúchalainn's Stone)

Clochafarmore is a menhir and National Monument in County Louth, Ireland. It is located 1.4 km east-northeast of Knockbridge, Dundalk on the left bank of the River Fane. This standing stone is traditionally associated with the death of the legendary hero Cúchulainn. Lugaid mac Con Roí has three magical spears made, and it is prophesied that a king will fall by each of them.

Where is Roodstown Castle

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County Louth is located in the north-east corner of the Republic of Ireland. Louth is Ireland's smallest county but contains a diverse landscape from the mountainous Cooley peninsula in the east to the gently rolling drumlin hills.