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Inchcleraun - Things to Know Before Visiting

Inchcleraun, Co. Longford, Ireland


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About Inchcleraun

A beautiful island situated in Lough Ree on the River Shannon, in central Ireland. The island is home to the ruins of St. Diarmaid’s Monastery, a monastery founded by Diarmaid the Just in AD 560. These buildings constitute a National Monument. Between 800 and 1300 the island and its churches were repeatedly plundered and burned by invaders, so the buildings are in ruins today. Six of the island's churches are surrounded by an enclosure in the southeast corner of the island.

Attractions Near Inchcleraun

Rindoon Castle
Rindoon Castle5.28km from Inchcleraun

Rindoon is an abandoned medieval town with great historical and cultural significance. It is located on St. John’s Point, a lonely peninsula on the western shore of Lough Ree, just a few miles away from the picturesque village of Lecarrow in County Roscommon, central Ireland. The remains comprise an outstanding complex of buildings.

Inchmore9.96km from Inchcleraun

Inchmore is an island and townland located in Lough Ree in County Westmeath, Ireland. It is in the civil parish of Bunown. The island, which consists of 132 acres, is the largest in Lough Ree. A ring fort is located at the south end. The island is now uninhabited, however a ruined monastery attributed to St. Lioban (or Liberius), the son of Lossenus shows evidence of previous habitation.

Lough Funshinagh
Lough Funshinagh10.15km from Inchcleraun

Lough Funshinagh is a lake and Special Area of Conservation in County Roscommon, Ireland, found to the west of Lough Ree. It has been called Ireland's amazing disappearing lake, due to the way it empties quickly - in as little as two days - and unpredictably, sometimes killing thousands of fish.

Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre
Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre11.42km from Inchcleraun

The Corlea Trackway is an Iron Age trackway, or togher, near the village of Keenagh, south of Longford, County Longford, in Ireland. The trackway is situated in an area which is the site of industrial-scale mechanised peat harvesting by the Bord na Móna, principally to supply the peat-fired power stations of the Electricity Supply Board.

Roscommon Abbey
Roscommon Abbey12.67km from Inchcleraun

A beautiful abbey that was founded over 750 years ago by Felim O'Conor, King of Connacht, who was buried there in 1265. It has many highlights, including an effigy of a king dressed in a long robe and mantle. It is thought to be O'Conor, who was buried on the grounds, or possibly one of his successors.

Roscommon Friary
Roscommon Friary12.67km from Inchcleraun

St. Mary’s Dominican Priory is located on the outskirts of the historical medieval town of Roscommon, which at its core includes the Anglo-Norman castle and house of Augustinian canons located on the site of the earlier monastery of St Commán. The church had a long north aisle, but only part of the arcade remains. There was a nave and chancel with a central tower and cloister. Nothing remains of the tower or the cloister.

Where is Inchcleraun

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County Longford is a county in Ireland. Most of Longford lies in the basin of the River Shannon with Lough Ree forming much of the county's western boundary. One of the iconic locations where you have a lot of things to see and do.