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Achill-henge - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Keel East, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Old Ruins

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About Achill-henge

Achill-henge is a concrete structure on Achill Island off the northwest coast of County Mayo, Ireland. It consists of a circle of 30 concrete columns topped by a ring of stone. No care was taken to replicate or reference genuine stone circles in the region or the country. The term Achill-henge can be interpreted as a reference to the cultural inaccuracy of the structure in local context as typically henges are simply referred to as stone circles in Ireland.

Attractions Near Achill-henge

Slievemore Deserted Village
Slievemore Deserted Village2.48km from Achill-henge

Slievemore is the largest and most recently abandoned of several 'booley' settlements on Achill Island. The stone cottages stand in an idyllic and beautiful setting at the base of the highest peak in Achill. The village was one of the longest running booley villages - which meant that while it’s certain that some lived in the cottages all year, the village truly thrived in the summer months.

Slievemore4.26km from Achill-henge

Slievemore is the second highest peak on Achill Island after Croaghaun, in County Mayo, Ireland. Its elevation is 671 m. The landscape is dominated by wild moorlands and spectacular coastal scenery. It is an iconic location where you can sped some beautiful time with spectacular views. It is also a good trekking destination too.

Cliffs of Croaghaun
Cliffs of Croaghaun6.43km from Achill-henge

Croaghaun is a mountain in County Mayo, Ireland. At 688 metres, it has the highest sea cliffs in Ireland as well as the third highest sea cliffs in Europe. Its cliffs lie on the northern slope of the mountain. The cliffs at Croaghaun can only be seen by hiking around or to the summit of the mountain, or from the sea. They are part of a sequence of sheer rock faces which start south of Keem Bay and loop around the uninhabited north-west of the island.

Inishbiggle12.32km from Achill-henge

Inishbiggle is a small inhabited island off the coast of Ballycroy in County Mayo. Its name in Irish means "Vigil Island". The island is situated between the northeast of Achill Island and the mainland, and is accessed by boat from either Doran's point at Ballycroy or Bullsmouth, Dooniver on Achill Island. The island is 2½ km x 1½ km, or 650 acres in area.

Blacksod Lighthouse
Blacksod Lighthouse13.57km from Achill-henge

The Blacksod lighthouse is an old building nestled in the southern end of the Mullet Peninsula near Erris, beside Blacksod Pier. It is made of local granite blocks, which are believed to have come from Termon Hill, a nearby isolated outcrop of high quality granite. Blacksod is of unusual design for a lighthouse, being a square block of a building with only a small conical lantern section on top of it which is painted white.

Atlantic Drive
Atlantic Drive14.67km from Achill-henge

The Atlantic Drive is without doubt an awe inspiring and dramatic experience. Starting from Mulranny this drive takes you along a very rugged coast, dramatic rough seas and cliffs. Some of the local roads that follow the coastline of Achill, and which boast some of the most spectacular views of the area, have been designated ‘The Atlantic Drive’.

Where is Achill-henge

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