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Connemara Giant - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Lissoughter, Recess, Co. Galway, H91 Y8PN, Ireland


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About Connemara Giant

The Connemara Giant, known as Conn of the Sea, is said to be protector of Connemara. The statue was created by Joyce’s Craft Shop, located across the road, “for no apparent reason”. It is believed that if you touch the hand of the giant you will be blessed with the knowledge of his ancient tribe.

Attractions Near Connemara Giant

Derryclare Lough
Derryclare Lough2.58km from Connemara Giant

Derryclare Lough is a lake in Connemara, Ireland. This lake is recognizable by its islet located in the middle, and covered with trees. The lake is a popular scenic location, and extensively photographed, and offers views directly into the Glencoaghan Valley of the Twelve Bens and the peaks of the Glencoaghan Horseshoe.

Derryclare4.7km from Connemara Giant

Derryclare, is the 119th–highest peak in Ireland on the Arderin scale, and the 145th–highest peak on the Vandeleur-Lynam scale. This is a popular viewpoint for visitors to the area and a great place for photo opportunities. The Derryclare Lough on its southern slopes is a scenic location in Connemara, while the Derryclare Wood, on its eastern slopes, contains a Statutory Nature Reserve.

Lough Inagh
Lough Inagh5.05km from Connemara Giant

Lough Inagh is a glacial lake, located in the stunning Inagh Valley, Recess, Connemara. The Twelve Bens range lies to the west of the lake, with Derryclare 677 metres and Bencorr 711 metres directly overlooking the lake. The lake is popular with fishermen and boats are available locally. The lake gives views directly into the large deep southerly corrie between Derryclare and Bencorr, as well as the smaller corrie between Bencorr and Bencorr North Top.

Bencorr5.46km from Connemara Giant

Bencorr at 711 metres, is the 82nd–highest peak in Ireland on the Arderin scale, and the 102nd–highest peak on the Vandeleur-Lynam scale. It is the second-tallest mountain of the Twelve Bens range, after Benbaun 729 metres; it lies close to Benbaun, separated only by the third-highest mountain in the range of Bencollaghduff 696 metres (2,283 ft), and the col of Maumina.

Letterbreckaun7.41km from Connemara Giant

Letterbreckaun is a 667-metre mountain in County Galway, Ireland. It the second highest peak in the Maumturks range. It is situated is situated in the middle sector of the long north-west to south-east cental spine of the Maumturks mountain range in the Connemara National Park in Galway, Ireland. Letterbreckaun is the 2nd-tallest mountain in the range. A good trekking destination and it also offers beautiful views form here.

Pearse Cottage
Pearse Cottage11.98km from Connemara Giant

Pearse's Cottage in Rosmuc is the former holiday home of Patrick Pearse leader of the 1916 Rising. Pearse also used the house as a summer school for his pupils from St. Enda's where in taught in Dublin.The interior which was burned during the War of Independence has been reconstructed and an exhibition in the cottage is dedicated to the life and work of Pearse.

Where is Connemara Giant

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County Galway is a county in Ireland. It is in the West of Ireland, taking up the south of the province of Connacht. There are several Irish-speaking areas in the west of the county. The traditional county includes, and is named for, the city of Galway, but the city and county now have separate local authorities: Galway City Council administers the urban area, while the rest of the county is administered by Galway County Council.