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Upper Wardha Dam - Things to Know Before Visiting

Upper Wardha Dam, Simbhora, Maharashtra 444905


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About Upper Wardha Dam

It is an earthfill straight gravity dam over the Wardha River, a tributary of the Godai River, close Simhora town in Morshi taluk in Amravati zone in the Indian domain of Maharashtra. The dam gives multipurpose focal points of water framework, drinking water supply, surge control and hydropower age. It is generally called the Nala Damayanti Sagar

Attractions Near Upper Wardha Dam

Gawilgad Fort
Gawilgad Fort75.66km from Upper Wardha Dam

Gawilgad Fort was a well-fortified mountain stronghold of the Maratha Empire in the vicinity of Melgajt tiger reserve.The fort has several inscriptions in Persian recording the date of building of each of its seven gates. It has two water tanks which would have been the main water source in case the fort was besieged.

Sevagram Ashram
Sevagram Ashram87.5km from Upper Wardha Dam

Sevagram, located near Nagpur (Maharashtra State), was Gandhiji’s headquarters and place for experiments from 1934 to 1940. He lived as the villagers lived i.e. without electricity and telephone and built the Ashram house himself with materials available locally. One can see Bapu’s kitchen in this house. The first hut built in the ashram was Adi Nivas around which was a prayer ground. One can see Ba Kuti and Bapu Kuti, residences of Kasturba and Gandhiji respectively.

Melghat Tiger Reserve
Melghat Tiger Reserve95.21km from Upper Wardha Dam

Melghat means 'meeting of the ghats' which is just what the area is, a large tract of unending hills and ravines scarred by jagged cliffs and steep climbs. The exquisite hill forests, thick undergrowth and moss-covered trees underscore its virgin confines. It lies at the northern extreme of the Amravati District on the border of Madhya Pradesh,

Satpura Dam
Satpura Dam97.31km from Upper Wardha Dam

This is a man-made lake created as a reservoir for the Power Plant which is surrounded by dense forests and hills. A lot of tourists come here during the monsoon time to view the opening of the shutters and to feel the power of water.

Narnala Fort
Narnala Fort107.24km from Upper Wardha Dam

also known as “Shahnur Fort”, is a hill fortress in Maharashtra, India, named after the Rajput Ruler Narnala Singh. The name Narnala was given after the Rajput Ruler Narnal Singh or Narnal Swami. The fort was built in 10 A.D. by Gond Kings. In 15th Century Mughals have occupied and rebuild the fort and hence it has been called Shahnoor Fort.

Gugamal National Park
Gugamal National Park107.66km from Upper Wardha Dam

Gugamal National Park is a beautiful place, located in the Amravati district of the state of Maharashtra. The park is a part of the Melghat Tiger Reserve. The Park area lies within the Satpura hill ranges also known as the Gavilgarh Hills. This is the only park in Maharashtra where tigers are still in existence and is one of the well-known ones in the state.

Where is Upper Wardha Dam

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It is said that Amravati is named for its ancient Ambadevi temple. It is famous for its temples, ancient history, and art.