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Nirmal Toms

Nirmal Toms


Located at the northern end of Hyde Park, between Elizabeth street (St James station entrance) and the famous Archibald Fountain, Nagoya Gardens isn't hard to miss, especially due to the presence of a giant chess set. However, the signage of the garden is hidden inside so passers-by might not realise it's called Nagoya Garden. 

A giant chess set and a chess board was installed near the garden under a big fig tree for the public to play. I've seen lunch crowd on weekdays where office workers take respite in the park by playing a game or two. At times people would swing by to make a move and leave the next move to another person who stop by. The chess set also attracts some elderly men to make their moves and some were seen deep in thought, strategising their next move.

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Hyde Park Sydney

Hyde Park Sydney

Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

It contains well-kept gardens and approximately 580 trees; a mixture of figs, conifers, palms, and other varieties. It is famed for its magnificent fig tree lined avenues. It is the oldest public parkland in Australia.