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Ethipotala Falls - Things to Know Before Visiting

Ethipotala Falls, Sarjaraopet, 502220

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About Ethipotala Falls

This is a 70-meter high river cascade located on the Chandravanka river. The waterfall is a combination of 3 streams. A strategic viewpoint was created by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department from the adjacent hillock.

Attractions Near Ethipotala Falls

Shri Narsimha Jharna Mandir
Shri Narsimha Jharna Mandir38.79km from Ethipotala Falls

This is a cave temple in Bidar.T he idol of Lord Narasimha is inside a cave and devotees have to walk through waist deep water for about 350 metres to have a darshan of the deity.

Bidar Fort
Bidar Fort41.08km from Ethipotala Falls

Stands tall with the pride of historical significance and architectural brilliance in the city of Bidar. This is one of the majestic throwbacks of the opulent past of India

Gurunanak Jhira,
Gurunanak Jhira, 41.21km from Ethipotala Falls

A Sikh historical shrine located in Bidar. It is located at a short distance off one edge of the plateau on which Bidar is located and there are sweeping views of the plains as you descend down the road to the present gurdwara.

Buddha Vihar
Buddha Vihar75.46km from Ethipotala Falls

Buddha vihara is a Buddhist temple and spiritual center in Gulbarga. It blends architectural features of eminent Buddhist centers of Sanchi, Sarnath, Ajanta and Nagpur and has been constructed conforming to traditional Buddhist architecture.

Gulbarga Fort
Gulbarga Fort80.34km from Ethipotala Falls

One of the fine example of ancient Islamic architecture in Karnataka.Historically important place which was built in 1347. The fort was originally built by Raja Gulchand. As Gulbarga gained prominence as the Bahmani capital, the fort was fortified by Alauddin Bahmani with a deep moat and massive walls.

Osman Sagar Dam
Osman Sagar Dam80.72km from Ethipotala Falls

A reservoir in the Indian city of Hyderabad, which was created by damming the Muzi river in 1920 to provide an additional source of drinking water for Hyderabad and to protect the city after the great Muzi flood. It was constructed during the reign of the last NIZAM of Hyderabad state.

Where is Ethipotala Falls

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Traces of Neolithic and Megalithic culture was found at Edithanur and Wargal village hillocks in the district.