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Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge - Things to Know Before Visiting

Godavari River, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh 533101, India


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About Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

The Godavari Bridge or Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge is a truss bridge spanning Godavari river in Rajahmundry. It was commissioned by South Central Railway division of Indian Railways. Godavari Arch Bridge, adjacent to Havelock Bridge is the newest bridge built in 1997 and presently in service. Constructed by the Hindustan Construction Company (HCC), this bridge is a modern day engineering feat. The bridge is made of bow string girder arches. The bridge is fit for 350 km/h rail services.

Attractions Near Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

Pushkar Ghat
Pushkar Ghat0.33km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

This is a ghat located in the Godavari district where the Godavari pushkaram festival is conducted. Godavari Pushkaram is a festival of River Godavari which occurs once in 12 years. The pushkaram festival last held in the year 2003.

Ferry Road
Ferry Road56.38km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

The Yanam Ferry Road was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Pondicherry Shri R.V.JanakiRaman on 11.1.2000. Now, there is a proposal for making the Ferry Road very beautiful by putting important person’s idols on the footpath of this Road. Daily above Ten Thousand passengers are traveling to and fro on this Pant. The people from Konaseema area under the Amalapuram Constituency of East Godavari District are mainly using this river way for reaching Kakinada, the District Head Quarters.

Yanam River Beach
Yanam River Beach56.84km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

Yanam Beach is situated on the coast of Yanam town, an Indian Territory of Puducherry. The beach is located on the Godavari River, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the Bay of Benga.

Puducherry State Shivam Bath
Puducherry State Shivam Bath57.17km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

Shivam bath is located at the entrance of Godavari River Front, from where the river beach pathway starts.

 Grand mosque
Grand mosque57.17km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

The site for the Mosque was donated by the French Government in 1848. That time small Mosque was constructed. Then in 1956, the same was remodelled. The same was demolished in 1978 and a new Mosque was constructed. Now, in 1999-2000 the Mosque was extended as the Grand Mosque in the presidentship of M.A.Sirajuddin.

Buddhist Stupa
Buddhist Stupa62.24km from Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

During 1953, ASI did an excavation in Adurru village and it discovered numerous historical remains, including stupas, chaityas (Buddhist shrines or prayer halls), and viharas. Among these remains, the most remarkable one is the Mahastupa, which is also known as Adurru Buddhist Stupa. Historians believe that the Adurru Buddhist Stupa was constructed during the reign of the Indian emperor Ashoka, whose empire covered much of the Indian subcontinent.

Where is Rajamahendra varam Godavari Arch Bridge

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The District is known as the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh with lush paddy fields and coconut groves